Rosneft, FEFU to analyze ice impact on far north offshore structures

Sept. 16, 2019

Offshore staff

MOSCOWRosneft and the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) have agreed to conduct research to determine the structural behavior of deformed ice and its impact on the design of marine hydraulic structures.

The scope of work will include studies of deformed ice properties at a field test site, model tests, and the formation of guidelines taking into account the structural behavior of deformed ice and ice loads.

The research program will include constant monitoring and a comparative study of ice behavior on field sites in the Arctic and the Okhotsk Sea off eastern Russia, with the resultant data helping to clarify ice loads on hydrocarbon-producing structures in these regions.

Rosneft subsidiary the Arctic Research and Design Centre will provide scientific and methodological support for the project.


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Courtesy Øyvind Gravås/Even Kleppa - Equinor