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ROI of Cold Root Rolling API & Proprietary Connections

March 16, 2022
In the petroleum industry, more companies are utilizing a process known as cold root rolling to achieve the enhanced benefits of stronger drill string connections.

Cold root rolling involves burnishing the root radius of a thread that has been freshly cut, or previously cut, in a rotary shouldered connection. A hardened roll is forced into contact with the thread’s root radius, and then pressure is applied so that the hardened roll penetrates and plastically deforms the surface of the root radius.

Cold root rolled connections are primarily used in offshore drilling applications. However, these connections have also proven to be advantageous for onshore drilling applications—especially with the rise of extended-reach drilling, multi-lateral wells, and horizontal well applications, which can significantly increase the stress placed on threaded connections in these drill strings.

With cold root rolling, companies can expand on opportunities bringing new work in-house, instead of contracting the service out.

Improved product lifespan translates into reduced equipment costs, which in turn, leads your company to a better bottom line. Reports show the average cost of a failed connection in offshore drilling is at least $250,000 per day. Based on an average estimate of 6 days of downtime, that puts the average cost of rig downtime at $1.5 million dollars.

Through the use of cold root rolling, your company will be better equipped to manufacture superior threaded connections at much higher volumes. Cold root rolling provides so many notable benefits, easily making the investment worthwhile for your company.

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