Three Solstad vessels get long-term assignments for Petrobras offshore Brazil

June 14, 2024
Petrobras has contracted the CSV Normand Poseidon and the AHTSs Normand Sagaris and Normand Ferking.

Offshore staff

SKUDENESHAVN, Norway Petrobras has awarded Solstad contracts with varying durations for three vessels in Brazil, with a combined value of about NOK2.6 billion ($243 million).

All the vessels are owned by Solstad Maritime, in which Solstad Offshore has a 31.6% stake.

The construction support vessel Normand Poseidon will start a new four-year contract with Petrobras in the third quarter, in continuation of its current charter.

Anchorhandler tug supply (AHTS) vessel Normand Sagaris will start a new three-year term for the Brazilian operator in the fourth quarter or early in 2025.

Another AHTS vessel, Normand Ferking, will start work on a three-year contract in the second quarter of 2025.