CY Shipping, BigLift Shipping order two new heavy transport vessels

April 12, 2024
Vessels scheduled for delivery in 2025 and 2026.

Offshore staff

AMSTERDAM – Partners CY Shipping and BigLift Shipping have increased their fleet of heavy transport vessels (HTVs) to six vessels by adding two new HTVs. 

The first vessel, owned by CY Shipping, will be delivered in 4Q 2025 and the second vessel, owned by BigLift Shipping, in 2Q 2026. 

Newbuild contracts for the two new HTVs have been signed with Jing Jiang Nanyang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd, China. The vessels, jointly designed by CY Shipping and BigLift Shipping, are called the BC-Class. 

The vessels are designed to transport ultra-large and heavy modular cargoes worldwide, with a focus on reliable service speed, low accelerations and optimized loading and discharge times. 

Because of the similar frame spacing, depth, ballast and tidal compensation capacity they will be interchangeable with BigLift’s MC-Class vessels BigLift Barentsz and BigLift Baffin, offering even more deck length and stern loading capability. The vessels are not semi-submersible.

Since 2019, BigLift Shipping and CY Shipping have combined their heavy transport shipping capabilities. The current fleet, comprising four HTVs, is commercially fully operated by BigLift Shipping.