World's largest FSRU arrives in Hong Kong

April 15, 2023
Hong Kong’s first FSRU vessel weighs anchor as an offshore LNG terminal prepares to go into service.

Offshore staff

HONG KONG  An offshore LNG terminal is being jointly developed by CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd. and The Hongkong Electric Co. Ltd (HK Electric) to support Hong Kong’s energy transition.

An FSRU vessel, which will be used to receive, store and regasify LNG arrived in Hong Kong April 13 and is staying at the South Cheung Chau Anchorage.

When checks and port clearance procedures are completed, the FSRU vessel will sail to the offshore LNG terminal east of the Soko Islands next week for the final commissioning of the project.

The offshore LNG terminal, constructed by CLP Power and HK Electric, is the first of its kind in Hong Kong and will be operated by the Hong Kong LNG Terminal Ltd., a joint venture between the two power companies. Construction of a marine jetty and two subsea gas pipelines of the terminal has been completed. Commissioning of equipment is underway, and the terminal is scheduled for operation in mid-2023.

The FSRU vessel, which will be named Bauhinia Spirit, is the world’s largest with an overall length of 345 m and a storage capacity of 263,000 cu. m of LNG. It will be moored at the jetty of the offshore LNG terminal and be used to receive, store and regasify LNG. When it goes into operation, the LNG terminal will further improve the stability of Hong Kong’s natural gas supply by diversifying supply sources, allowing Hong Kong to procure natural gas at competitive prices from the global market.