Vallianz adds Inmarsat technology to its offshore support vessels

Nov. 17, 2022
Digital services will enable Vallianz to achieve smarter offshore vessel operations.

Offshore staff

SINGAPORE  Vallianz Holdings said it is accelerating the digitalization of its fleet of offshore support vessels with a comprehensive package of connectivity services from Inmarsat.

Inmarsart’s Fleet Xpress supports a variety of Internet of Things (IoT) applications for crew welfare, cybersecurity, data capture and analysis, and more.

Through Fleet Data, provided on the Fleet Edge platform, Singapore-headquartered Vallianz can collect, transfer, store and analyze IoT data to support decision-making in real time.

Also included is Fleet Connect, which offers Vallianz and its technology partners access to the vessels through dedicated bandwidth. The offshore specialist has already adopted ultralow-bandwidth maritime surveillance technology to enable live vessel monitoring from a shore-based operations center.

Vallianz also will enhance crew welfare through Fleet Hotspot, a crew connectivity tool. It allows the crew to maintain contact with loved ones ashore and access online entertainment on their own devices without interfering with business-critical bandwidth. Vallianz will be providing each of its crew members with free internet allowance every month.

In addition, to combat the ever-evolving threat of cyber attacks, Vallianz has signed up for Inmarsat’s Fleet Secure Unified Threat Management (UTM), a complete package of network security tools consolidated on a single device. Designed specifically for the shipping industry, Fleet Secure meets the International Maritime Organization’s 2021 functional cybersecurity requirements for demonstrating cyber-risk management.

Vallianz’s contract with Inmarsat also includes Fleet Mail for secure and stable email as well as Fleet Care, which provides round-the-clock maintenance, repairs and support for Fleet Xpress.