Equinor extends its drilling capacity in Brazil with Valaris contract

July 5, 2022
Equinor Brazil has awarded Valaris a 540-day drilling contract scheduled to start in 2023.

Offshore staff

RIO DE JANEIRO – Equinor Brazil reports that it has awarded Valaris a 540-day drilling contract scheduled to start in 2023.

The Valaris DS-17 drillship has been tasked to drill an appraisal well, plug an old exploration well, and conduct additional drilling scope in Brazil. The DS-17 is an ultra-deepwater drillship, capable of operating in water depths of more than 3600 meters.

Drilling services and other additional services are also included in the contract, such as ROV work, MPD services, casing running, slop treatment and cuttings handling. A fuel reduction incentive has also been agreed upon.

Geir Tungesvik, executive vice president for projects, drilling and procurement for Equinor said: “Brazil is one of Equinor’s core areas, and Bacalhau is one of our flagship projects internationally. We are pleased to land an agreement with the Valaris, on deliveries from an advanced drillship for this important field. We look forward to working with one of the world’s largest rig contractors and we have high expectations to their deliveries on safety and efficiency.”

Veronica Rezende Coelho, Equinor’s country manager in Brazil, said: “The second rig in Bacalhau will expand our drilling capacity in Brazil and will further enhance our understanding of Bacalhau North through an ADR (Reservoir Data Acquisition) well. The decision to bring in DS-17 demonstrates our commitment to create value in Brazil, where we have a long-term presence perspective.”