MRE orders two offshore wind crew transfer vessels from SMS

June 29, 2022
Strategic Marine (SMS) has sold two StratCat 27 crew transfer vessels to Manor Renewable Energy (MRE).

Offshore staff

SINGAPORE  Strategic Marine (SMS) has sold two StratCat 27 (SC27) crew transfer vessels to U.K.-based Manor Renewable Energy (MRE), a supplier of survey and positioning services and vessels for offshore wind projects.

SMS introduced the SC27 series in May 2021 following a collaboration with partner BMT. The hull design is said to maximize waterline length, leading to improved operational efficiency in a wide range of loading conditions, with lower missions and fuel consumption.

Various makes of engines can be accommodated, with a maximum vessel speed of more than 30 knots.

The emphasis in the bridge deck layout is on improved visibility from the helm.

The SC27 has two superstructure options for either 24 or 12 technicians. The larger asymmetric version is said to offer a 30% area increase in the main deck cabin compared with the StratCat 2, while the smaller version is suited to jurisdictions that allow for reduced crew numbers.

In addition, the design provides for multiple propulsion and hybrid options, with the potential to install a hybrid propulsion system at a later date, if requested.