Strategic Marine delivers workboat to Tullow Ghana

Sept. 1, 2021
The 12-m (39-ft) waterjet propelled workboat will be deployed in the Gulf of Guinea.

Offshore staff

SINGAPORE Strategic Marine has delivered a 12-m (39-ft) waterjet propelled workboat to Tullow Ghana Ltd.

The vessel was delivered on schedule and will be deployed to deepwater projects in the Gulf of Guinea. 

According to Strategic, the vessel has been fitted with an advanced marine propulsion system, with waterjets giving her superior maneuverability.

The workboat is designed to be launched and retrieved from a larger mothership with a single point lifting hook. It will primarily perform line handling and crew transfer duties. It features a 2-t capstan, 5-t tow hook and an open transom, allowing crew to perform the required line handling duties with ease.

The workboat can achieve a top speed of 25 knots fully loaded and carry up to 10 passengers.