Aramco vessel fleet striving for ABS environmental notation

Oct. 15, 2020
Saudi Aramco is aiming to secure ABS environmental protection notations for its fleet.

Offshore staff

DHAHRAN, Saudi Arabia – Saudi Aramco is aiming to secure ABS environmental protection notations for its fleet.

According to ABS, the company intends to achieve the ENVIRO notation for each of the 23-strong fleet of offshore support vessels, tugs, self-elevating units, and special purpose vessels. Seven vessels have already been awarded the notation, with the remainder of the fleet in the process of being evaluated.

The ENVIRO notation identifies the level of compliance with international environmental protection requirements and integrates further ABS environmental protection requirements. The notation, together with the enhanced ENVIRO+ notation, was developed with the objective of promoting an environmentally-focused design, construction, and operation of ABS-classed vessels.

More than 1,100 vessels in the global fleet hold one or more of the ABS ENVIRO suite of notations.

In addition, ABS has introduced a range of remote survey options for offshore assets. The company has expanded its options for offshore operators to use remote survey technologies to streamline the survey process to include the majority of class and statutory annuals.

The majority of the world’s offshore drilling units are now eligible for remote survey, the company said.

It has also extended its remote survey and audit services to existing equipment manufacturing and external specialist clients enrolled in its programs.

Users of the ABS My Freedom Client Portal can take advantage of ABS Smart Scheduler, which leverages real-time AIS data to maintain fleet compliance. It is said to be the industry’s only mobile survey booking tool enabling any survey, including remote surveys, to be scheduled in less than a minute anytime, anywhere – even when there is no internet access. It tracks survey status for all vessels in a fleet and then issues alerts when surveys are due.