North Sea DSV undergoes full engine service

June 4, 2019

Offshore staff

ABERDEEN, UK – Power engineering specialist Royston has overhauled diesel engines on the offshore construction and dive support vessel Rever Polaris.

Royston’s team performed the DG1 and DG3 24,000 and DG4 36,000 running hour service on the generator engines onboard the 113-m (371-ft) long vessel at A&P Tyne’s complex in northeast England, as part of a refurbishment and maintenance program for critical power units.

The Polaris, built in 1999, is one of various Rever vessels providing dive support, light construction, subsea maintenance and other offshore services in the North Sea.

Royston’s scope covered disassembly of the Wärtsilä W9L26 No.1 and No.3 diesel generators to refurbish the cylinder heads; renewal of cylinder liner seals and overhauling of pistons and connecting rods.

The team completed deflection and bearing checks on the engines, while the fuel injection pumps underwent servicing, leak checking and dynamic testing and calibration.

In addition, Royston overhauled the Napier turbo chargers.