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ABB in Norway is a leading supplier to the global market for technology, products, and systems used in the production and process of oil and gas. Principal units are located in The Netherlands, Norway, Sing pore, the UK, and USA. Chief divisions are ABB Lummus Global,


ABB in Norway is a leading supplier to the global market for technology, products, and systems used in the production and process of oil and gas. Principal units are located in The Netherlands, Norway, Sing pore, the UK, and USA. Chief divisions are ABB Lummus Global, ABB Offshore Technology, ABB Seatec, ABB Soimi, and ABB Vetco Gray. Soimi and Seatec were acquired last year, as were Maritime Seanor, which was transrerred to ABB Offshore Technology last June. Another acquisition, Canadian wellhead systems producer Rector, was integrated into ABB Vetco Gray. ABB also purchased an interest in the Vnipineft Design Institute in Moscow.
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Aker Engineering

Aker Engineering is an international multi-discipline engineering and project management company with its major activities in the oil and gas industry. The company's main services are in the areas of upstream process facilities (offshore and onshore), semisubmersibles, tension leg platforms, and fixed structures. Aker Engineering's capability ranges from front-end and conceptual studies to main engineering of large projects and engineering partnerships in large EPC contracts.
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Alcatel Kabel Norge

Through manufacturing and installation of some 1,400 submarine cables worldwide, Alcatel Kabel Norge has become established as a leading supplier of HV submarine cables and offshore umbilicals. At OTC, the company will focus on steel tube umbilicals for both static and dynamic applications. Static unbilical samples exhibited will include Statfjord, Troll, Popeye, Foinaven, and Mensa. Dynamic umbilical samples will include Norne, Mars, Foinaven, and Deepstar. Several of these contracts are turnkey projects, with all marine and installation operations performed using AKN's cable-laying vessels. Also on show will be the company's seismic cables and a fiber optic well monitoring system.
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Advanced Production and Loading (APL) was founded in early 1993 by Statoil and Hitec Marine (ex-Marine Consulting Group). APL was established to undertake further development and commercialization of the submerged turret loading (STL) and submerged turret production (STP) technology. Development of this technology, for offshore loading and production of oil, was initiated through a joint effort by the founding companies. APL is located in Arendal, South Norway, 259 km southeast of Oslo.
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Compipe develops and produces spool composite pipes in sizes 1-10 in. Applications include methanol service lines, water injection lines, and hydrocarbon flowlines. The spoolable composite pipe is pre-qualified as an alternative to carbon steel for methanol service lines for the Asgard Field development. A technical paper will be presented at OTC '97.
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Datainstrument/Mipeg makes and supplies high-reliability load moment monitoring systems for use mainly on offshore pedestal cranes with applications also on nuclear fuel handling cranes. More than 305 systems are in use worldwide on fixed arid floating platforms, and in nuclear generating plants. Other crane-related products manufactured are rope speed/direction indicators, safe load indicators, gross overload/moment protection signal generating systems and operation limit monitoring systems. Agents cover industry requirements in the North Sea, Far and Middle East, and US.

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Fluenta supplies big-performance, non-intrusive flow measurement systems that significantly improve flow control in pipelines, at the same time offering low operating costs and minimum maintenance reguirements. Virtually all its products have been developed and commercialized with the support of major oil companies. Fluenta's products currently consist of particle monitoring systems, gas flow meters, and multiphase flow meters for topside and subsea applications. Its service team also performs sand and multiphase flow test on wells, as well as servicing systems supplied to customers worldwide.
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Framo Engineering

Framo Engineering has been involved for over a decade in the development and commercialization of multiphase equipment for topside and subsea installations. Today, it can claim to be the market leader for multiphase flow meter delivery, having been awarded several contracts from customers around the world. Main products cover advanced systems such as: multiphase pumps and flow meters for topside and subsea installations, subsea water injection pumps, centrifugal process separators, subsea connector systems, and rotating connector systems (swivel) for floating production units. Framo has access to advanced manufacturing and test facilities offering full system testing on multiphase flow in a loop or in wet environments.
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Hitec is a technology group providing design, fabrication, and installation services within the following areas: drilling - solution enhance the performance and safety of drilling operations; marine - cost-effective systems for offshore transfer of crude oil and integrated control systems; and subsea - products and services for subsea operations.
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IMS has operated for more than 25 years, and is a market leader in the field of water-tight sliding doors, with deliveries to semisubmersible rigs, supply and research vessels all over the world. IMS's product line consists of different models of custom-made doors for up to 50 meters of water pressure.
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Jotun Paints

Jotun Paints is a global manufacturer of coatings and cathodic protection for the offshore and marine market. In more than 50 countries, it assists and advises customers on the most cost-effective solutions to the prevention of corrosion and fouling, ensuring compliance to pre-treatment procedures and application standards, rules and regulations. Only Jotun can offer coatings and cathodic protection from one single source.
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Karmoy Winch

Karmoy Winch manufactures two basic product lines: dock equipment for ships such as winches, powerpacs, remote control stations and deck cranes; big special winches for offshore work with pull capacities of up to 500 tons. Customers include DSND, Stolt Comex Seaway, and EMC. Another product for vessels is the Karm Fork stopper and towing pins system. This has been delivered to 250 supply vessels worldwide. In this business, customers include Farstad and Solstad Shipping, Maersk and Saevik Supply. The stopper has a safe working load of 750 tons.
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Kongsberg Offshore

Kongsborg Offshore, a subsidiary of FMC, is a leading supplier of turnkey subsea production and metering systems.

The former includes subsea manifolds, template systems, wellheads, xmas trees, and subsea control and tie-in systems. Metering systems include fiscal and multiphase flow metering products for offshore and onshore installations. The company is introducing its own ultrasonic gas flow meter system, which is serviceable while in operation. Kongsberg also provides 24-hour customer support extending to spare parts delivery, on-site service, maintenance and customer training. With its own service training center and total capabilities concept, Kongsberg handles the complete system, from wellhead to turret.
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Marintek delivers research and consultancy services to the international offshore industry. Major business areas are model testing of offshore structures in waves and currents in the world's most sophisticated model basin. In close combination with this activity, the institute develops software and performs numerical analysis for the industry. The institute also delivers services for optimization of maintenance costs.
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Multi-Fluid designs and manufactures metering products to the oil and petrochemical industry worldwide. The MFI WaterCut meter has been on the market since 1992 an is today the market leader for watercut (BS&W) measurement. The MFI Multiphase Meter had its commercial breakthrough in 1996 and is now used both topside and subsea on North Sea installations.
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Neptun Group

Neptun Group operates a fleet of 50 tugs and barges units, as well as a variety of equipment for marine contracting, salvage, and marine environment protection work. Load-out operations, transportation, and metering of heavy topsides and stowage, mooring, and positioning of concrete or steel substructures are examples of Neptun's marine services to the offshore sector. This year, the company is performing the lift-off, transportation, and mating of the 37,100-ton Hihernia topsides to the GBS on a turnkey basis. It will also perform lift-off, transportation, and installation of two pylon caissons, each 12,000 tons, for the Oresund link project.
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ONS '98

The Offshore Northern Seas Exhibition and Conference will convene for the 13th time in Stavanger, Norway in August 1998. About 1,000 exhibitors from 25 countries will display their products, services, and latest technological solutions. The broad interest shown by the international oil companies is one of the key factors behind the success of ONS. The event is bienniel, as the Advanced Petroleum Congress is also staged in Stavanger.
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PGS Exploration

Petroleum Geo-Services is a holding company offering a range of marine oilfield services through its subsidiaries. The group was established in 1991. Its largest service segments are the acquisition and processing of contract seismic surveys and the planning, completion, and marketing of multi-client seismic surveys. The group operates a fleet of 13 advanced 3D seismic vessels and two ocean bottom seismic crews on a worldwide basis. Onshore data processing centers are located in the US, Europe, Middle East, South America, and Asia. Other services include development and sales of geoscience applications software, petroleum data management systems and services, and reservoir consultancy.

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Scana Rotator

Scana Rotator's product line includes design/fabrication of directional control valves, complete valve systems, hydraulic power packs, and hydraulic/pneumatic actuators. The company has been involved in the design/manufacture ofsubsea applications for many years, and has a wide range of standard and special products developed for subsea use.
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ScanRope was established in 1983 by a merger of three Scandinavian producers of steel wire ropes and fiber ropes. Today, its production plant at Tonsberg consists of one factory for synthetic fiber products with in-house extrusion of yarn, and one factory for steel wire based on external supply of steel wire. Main steel wire products for the offshore industry are mooring ropes, heavy-lift slings, general crane ropes, and trawling ropes. The fiber rope program includes Karat Maxi plaited mooring hawsers and offshore messenger lines in 8-12 part construction.
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Seatex is a publicly owned company based in Trondheim. It designs and manufactures advanced products within the following applications: GPS-based satellite positioning, motion sensor; and custom-specified instrumentation solutions. Seatex has offices in Tronheim, Oslo, Aberdeen, and Seattle. It also has representatives in several countries that undertake product marketing, sales, and customer support.
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Simrad Optronics

Simrad Optronics makes electro-optical instruments for offshore ad military use. Products include infra-red gas detectors for combustible gases and carbon dioxide as well as night vision instruments for navigation and rescue operations at sea. The Simrad infrared point gas detectors are designed for detection of combustible gases (hydrocarbons) or carbon dioxide. The GD100 Mk II model has become an industry standard with many thousands of units in daily service offshore and onshore. the GD10 is a re-engineered, smaller, and lighter version of the DG100 Mk II.
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Statoil is an integrated oil company operating internationally with 14,000 employees and operations in more than 20 countries. It is the leading player on the Norwegian continental shelf and is responsible for managing the government's direct financial interest (GDFI) in Norwegian offshore operations. Statoil is also the largest producer of crude oil in northwest Europe, the world's largest operator of shuttle tankers for offshore loading of crude oil, and the leading seller and transporter of Norwegian gas to continental Europe.
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Storvik is a consulting company with locations in Kirkenes, Norway and Zapoljarnyj, Russia. Its specialty is business and industrial development in Northwest Russia, marketing Kirkenes as a gateway towards the enormous resources in this region in terms of oil and gas, minerals, forestry, and fishing. Storvik employs 13 specialists spearheading a group of companies representing oil and gas suppliers.

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CampOn, the technology leader of sand, pig, and corrosion-erosion monitors, features the following products: ClampOn 2000 particle monitor for detection and quantifying of sand particles in pipelines; ClampOn 2100 pig monitor for detection of all types of pigs in pipelines; ClampOn 3000 erosion monitor, the world's first combined solids-flow and wall thickness monitor.
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