Benefiting from a Bergen cluster

Feb. 1, 2012
As a member of NCE Subsea cluster, Siemens Subsea benefits both from research and development opportunities and networking opportunities in the Bergen region.

As a member of NCE Subsea cluster, Siemens Subsea benefits both from research and development opportunities and networking opportunities in the Bergen region. "We feel it is important to be part of a local cluster even if we are a global company," explained Jan Helge Telseth, Head of Sales & Marketing, Siemens subsea products.

"During 2011, we have added new products and further developed existing ones, in our distribution portfolio within all product lines, electric, hydraulic, and fiber-optical," Telseth noted.

This year, the company hopes to build on that: "We want to take a leading role in the subsea energy sector, which is demonstrated by our Subsea Power Grid development that will revolutionize the industry," Telseth added.

Being part of the NCE Subsea cluster will play a part in that growth ambition: "Even as part of a big global company with a global focus, it is important for us to be a member of a locally vital cluster such as NCE. This provides access to partners for development of new products, a local supply chain for core components, easier recruitment of skilled engineers, and, not least, our main customers are members of NCE," Telseth noted.

Some of the company's key clients are also members of the cluster, and membership also gives access to manufacturers and potential partners for future developments, he points out.

Active on the Norwegian continental shelf since the early 1970s, Siemens' global offshore activity is headquartered in Norway, and those operations include Siemens Subsea Solutions, which is focused on supplying products and systems which can improve the reliability and reduce the capital expenditures operational cost of subsea systems.

Also, Siemens Subsea Systems (SSS) develops and supplies solutions for supplying power that enables subsea processing and the control and monitoring systems to ensure their smooth operation, providing increased functionality and improved data quality. SSS also supplies power supply systems for direct electric heating systems.

Siemens Subsea Products (SSP) supplies products and bespoke solutions for subsea distribution, seismic equipment and oceanology applications. Sealing and termination technology has been supplied by SSP for the last 35 years, proving its reliability and the company's determination to deliver high quality products to the offshore market. SSP has unique competence in the production of electrical, fiber optic and hydraulic jumpers that are extremely reliable with world class track record.

Siemen's first "Anguila" jumper was developed for Norway's Snorre B field in 1993, and it has since been regarded as an industry standard for the oil and gas subsea activity globally. The company's products range from high-voltage switches to pressure-compensated electrical or fiber optical system, to ensure safe and reliable distribution of power and signals subsea.

SSP also supplies components and systems to clients within marine research, environmental monitoring and military fields. These products include multiple barriers for electrical and fiber optic cables together with robust mechanical terminations and buoy-loading systems. This technology is built around components supplied to the oil industry.

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