New cloud platform unifies subsea survey data formats

Nov. 3, 2022
TrueOcean's new digital platform accelerates the transformation of marine data acquired by diverse underwater sensors into actionable, easily shared information.

Offshore staff

KIEL, Germany  Subsea geo-information specialist TrueOcean GmbH has released a new digital platform that accelerates the transformation of marine data acquired by diverse underwater sensors, including multibeam echosounders and related systems from any manufacturer, into actionable, easily shared information and insight via the cloud.

TrueOcean’s smart marine data platform has been in development since the company was founded in 2019.

Bathymetric seafloor and sub-bottom surveys are among the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of offshore wind energy projects, but TrueOcean says it can "radically shorten" the transition from data to actionable insight and information with its cloud-based marine data platform, which enables access to underwater sensor data in near-real time. Further, the platform’s automated analytics improves quality and presents results within standardized parameters, so stakeholders are not required to purchase multiple software packages.

TrueOcean says unifying cloud-based and automated sensor data processing technology is a unique approach to overcoming the challenges caused by the lack of standardization in bathymetric, sub-bottom and other ocean data formats in the marine survey and underwater inspection industries. The platform is designed to foster internal collaboration and streamline subsea engineering and maintenance projects by enabling easy sharing of diverse information and insight to approved stakeholders.

The TrueOcean marine data platform, which is deployed through a multi-cloud approach using diverse vendors for improved agility and scaling, also prepares users for an expected boom in subsea data availability enabled by new autonomous marine survey vehicles and the transformative business models they can unlock. These future operations require innovative digital tools, which will reduce the amount of personnel and time required, and subsequently, the cost per data set collected, the company said.