OTC 2022: Baker launches new subsea wellhead technology

May 3, 2022
Baker Hughes has released a new subsea wellhead technology to save substantial operational rig costs.

Offshore staff

HOUSTON — Baker Hughes has released a new subsea wellhead technology, the MS-2 Annulus Seal, to save substantial operational rig costs by helping lower overall wellhead installation costs due to reduced rig trips.

The new integrated sealing tool, globally launched and exhibited at the 2022 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), has already been adopted by multiple customers in North and South America.

The MS-2 Annulus Seal is the latest technological development to Baker Hughes’ existing wellhead seal, the MS-SN, which brings increased operator confidence in well integrity and further extends well life. The MS-2 Annulus Seal integrates with Baker Hughes’ existing MS-800 wellhead system and is designed to help to lower the cost of well construction and intervention, expand intervention options, and ensure security and confidence of well integrity in challenging conditions.

The MS-2 can be installed in a single trip, with an integrated lock ring that results in improved rig efficiency by providing immediate lockdown of up to 2 million pounds force without the need for a second trip, saving rig time. The MS-2 also provides easier access to wells, with no need for supplemental lockdown devices. It is tested to 20,000 psi and to 200 load cycles ensuring life-of-field reliability and further demonstrating the seal integrity.