UK subsea groups merging

June 1, 2021
Britain’s National Subsea Research Initiative will become part of Subsea UK.

Offshore staff

ABERDEEN, UK – Britain’s National Subsea Research Initiative (NSRI), formed in 2007, will become part of Subsea UK.

NSRI, which was formed to support R&D in underwater technology by fostering co-operation between industry and academic researchers, has worked more closely with Subsea UK over the past six years.

Bringing the two organizations together, under the Subsea UK banner, will lead to development of an industry-led commercialization strategy as part of the UK’s planned Global Underwater Hub, due to be based in the Aberdeen area.

With industry at its heart and funding from both the UK and Scottish governments, the Hub will have the necessary resources to transform the subsea industry, making sure it is well-placed to capitalize on the opportunities in the energy transition and the blue economy.

Peter Blake, chairman of NSRI, said: “NSRI has had notable success, particularly in collaborating across geographies, such as Japan, and across sectors, most notably in defense and offshore wind to explore innovation with applications for multiple markets across the blue economy.

“The Global Underwater Hub offers the opportunity to progress this work at a much larger scale…”

Tony Laing, the present head of NSRI, will help Subsea UK develop new projects and collaborations to drive commercialization of underwater technology and innovations for use across multiple sectors.