Low-energy task light has longer service life

July 1, 2008
Swedish lighting manufacturer Sunnex has introduced a new LED task light for use in offshore environments.

Swedish lighting manufacturer Sunnex has introduced a new LED task light for use in offshore environments. The Sunnex LS is a 3 W lighting system with the same Lux rating (light strength) – as a 20 W halogen bulb.

As wattage denotes the energy used, the energy consumption appears to be markedly lower. But there is an added benefit of a much longer-lasting light, as the service life is rated at 50,000 hours or more – 25 times longer than the equivalent halogen lamp.

Sunnex LS task light extends the performance of LED lighting in offshore environments.
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A further advantage of LED – light emitting diode – technology is that the bulb does not have a glow-wire, as halogen lights do, says Thomas Wendel, area sales manager for Scandinavia. It therefore produces much less heat, an important advantage in enclosed spaces, and none at all in the direction of the light.

In the harsh and vibrating conditions encountered offshore, it is the glow-wire in the halogen light which is most liable to break if subjected to knocks or sudden movements. The LED light on the other hand is unaffected by these conditions, making it well suited for machinery rooms and process plant areas, on the bridge, as a map or reading light.

Since its introduction in January, reaction to Sunnex LS has been positive, according to information manager Lasse Raleby. The company counts both marine and offshore companies among its customers.

Sunnex’s LED technology has undergone continual improvements, he adds. “When we measured the output of the first LED light, it was about 1,000 Lux at a distance of half a meter. The latest model produces about 3,000 Lux at the same distance.”

White light production has also markedly improved. The 3W LED light produces almost the same white light level as the 20 W halogen bulb, he claims.

Sunnex LS comes as standard with 12-24 V low voltage or 230 V with a built-in transformer. It can be supplied with a 250, 500 or 750 mm (9.84, 19.68 or 29.53 in.) flexible arm, or as a spotlight. Customized versions can also be constructed.

For more information contact Tom Corneliusson, Sunnex. Tel +46 70 595 71 31, fax +46 565 104 00,[email protected], www.sunnex.se