Excelerate, MISC adopt Bureau Veritas lifecycle support service

Bureau Veritas is helping offshore vessel owners improve the performance and costs of their facilities with its Asset Integrity Management System, Veristar AIM3D, developed jointly with Dassault Systèmes. Among the various benefits are said to be improved data collection, updates, and visualization of the assets.

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Bureau Veritasis deployingits asset integrity management system, Veristar AIM3D, developed in partnership with Dassault Systèmes, to support a wide range of clients in the offshore sector.

The company describes this as a full lifecycle solution that moves beyond software to examine full workflows. It then applies digital tools, including a combination of 3D digital twin with smart data processing, through a collaborative platform, to facilitate data collection, updates, visualization, and data processing – with clear visibility through dashboards that are available on any device.

Veristar AIM3D is said to reduce the cost of operations by providing smart insights, and by helping offshore operators to better understand their risks and opex exposure. They can then take action to improve safety and the overall performance of their fleet (in the case of vessel owners or drilling contractors) and drive down opex, with asset management dashboards available for individual ships, rigs or facilities, or for entire fleets.

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The Veristar AIM3D solution supports operations at numerous offshore shipyards.(Courtesy Bureau Veritas)

Companies that have contracted the system include Excelerate Energy for the floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) Excellence. The system will be delivered to Excelerate in the cloud mode, without the need for IT integration, to provide asset integrity services while the vessel is deployed on the Moheshkhali floating LNG import terminal just offshore Bangladesh, the first of its kind in the country. The floating terminal became operational in August and allows Bangladesh to import LNG for the first time as its domestic gas production decreases. It is also said to be the world’s first fully integrated turnkey FLNG terminal under which a sole provider, Excelerate Energy, provides all services under a single contract.

In Malaysia, MISC’s offshore integrity management teams will use Veristar AIM3D on three different facilities to plan interventions, provide onboard contractors with detailed work instructions, and continuously evaluate the assets’ condition. MISC’s activities include owning and operating offshore floating vessels, marine repair and conversion, engineering and construction, integrated marine services, port and terminal services, and maritime education and training.

Implementation of the Bureau Veritas system should lead to improvements in terms of asset integrity management, through a new way of working in a collaborative environment – goals being smarter decision making, improved performance, cost optimization, and improved risk management. •

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