1997 SEISMIC VESSEL SURVEY 1997 worldwide survey of seismic vessels includes 32 companies and 151 vessels

Marshall DeLuca Survey Editor Seismic Vessel Survey Seismic Vessel Survey (Continued) Seismic Vessel Survey (Continued)

Marshall DeLuca
Survey Editor

Offshore Magazine's 1997 Survey of Seismic Vessels provides information on the capabilities and experiences of 32 companies and 151 vessels. There are considerable differences from last year's survey including two new companies, GeoMarine and Geoteam, as well as 11 new vessels. The data was provided by both owners and operators and reveals information about the acquisition capabilities of the operators and the vessels they use. The enormous impact of 3D acquisition on the industry is evidenced in the survey with more than 80 of the vessels having 3D acquisition capabilities.

Technological capabilities such as 4D, deepwater, high density, ocean bottom and vertical acquisition are included as well as information on onboard processing, data compression, and satellite transmission abilities.

Last year, 140 seismic vessels were reported as compared to 151 vessels this year. This increase can be attributed to the increased prosperity in the industry and an increasing demand for seismic acquisition due to greater exploration especially in the deepwater regions. However, this increasing demand has caused a shortage of vessels available for seismic acquisition and it is believed more vessels equipped with seismic acquisition capabilities will be built in the near future.

Unless indicated by an asterisk, all data presented here was provided by the companies listed. Limited information is provided on vessels belonging to companies with unknown addresses and those that did not respond to the survey.

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