Arctia to map North Sea offshore wind area

April 11, 2024
Arctia to perform hydrographic seabed surveying for a wind farm area offshore Norway.

Offshore staff

HELSINKI, Finland — Arctia Meritaito has won about 1,900 sq km as part of the bidding for Mareano 2024 sonar studies organized by the Norwegian Mapping Authority.

"The Mareano program is a multi-year project that maps the depth and topography of Norway's marine areas and collects information on the state of marine nature. This sounding examines potential wind farm areas in the North Sea to support the Norwegian government's efforts to improve access to renewable energy sources," the Norwegian Mapping Authority stated.

Arctia will conduct sonar surveys of the Mareano project for the third time in 2024. 

The studies will be carried out on board a marine surveying vessel in the North Sea, which will head toward Norway as soon as the ice has gone. The vessel will return to Finnish territorial waters again at the end of the summer, the authority said.