MassCEC provides funding for offshore wind tech companies

March 20, 2024
MassCEC has invested $134,620 in two US-based companies to help advance their offshore wind technologies.

Offshore staff

BOSTON, Massachusetts — Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC), a state economic development agency, has invested $2.5 million in funding for 18 clean energy and climatetech companies and researchers, two of which are focused on offshore wind projects.

The funding will support clean energy and climatetech innovators in 11 cities and towns throughout Massachusetts.

Deep Anchor Solutions, based in College Station, Texas, has been awarded $59,620 to demonstrate its offshore wind anchor technology with the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

In addition, Benchmark Labs Inc., based in Somerville, Massachusetts, will receive $75,000 to develop its solution that uses a combination of sensors, advanced software technology and weather information to deliver forecasts, recommendations and alerts, customized to a specific location to save costs when installing and maintaining offshore wind farms.