Green Marine (UK) reports work on series of ‘high-profile’ wind projects

March 7, 2024
Company says it is looking to UK market, ScotWind leasing round for future growth.

Offshore staff 

STROMNESS, Orkney Islands, Scotland, UK – Green Marine says it is targeting growth across the UK’s burgeoning offshore wind sector after delivering a series of what it describes as "high profile" projects.

The Orkney-based company delivers specialist vessels, engineering and marine support services. In the last 12 months Green Marine says it has supported a range of clients including Marine Scotland, Wood PLC, MMS Offshore, Floatation Energy, 23 Degrees Renewables, Partrac, Fugro, Briggs Marine, Openreach (BT) and Rocksalt Subsea.

Project work has spanned across the world’s largest offshore windfarm, Dogger Bank, off the coast of Yorkshire, and the world’s largest floating offshore windfarm, Kincardine, near Aberdeen. Further projects have involved Moray East in the North Sea, Triton Knoll off the Lincolnshire coast and Greater Gabbard near Suffolk. In addition, Green Marine has supported a number of offshore windfarm sites currently under construction and development, including the Neart Na Gaoithe, West of Orkney, Inch Cape, MachairWind, Caledonia, Muir Mhòr, Pentland, and Salamander.

Chartering its specialist vessels, the firm says it has provided support with crew transfers, dive operations, surveying and fishery liaison services as well as recovery, maintenance and redeployment of acoustic recording devices, buoys, ACDP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers) and FLiDAR devices.

The UK has the world’s second-largest installed offshore wind capacity, with a government target to more than triple this capacity by 2030 to 50GW. To achieve these ambitions, the ScotWind leasing round is an integral driver.

Under the initiative, developers have applied for seabed rights to build major offshore wind projects in Scottish waters. Provided all 20 approved ScotWind projects are developed according to plan, it would result in a substantial energy generation capacity of around 30GW.

Green Marine Managing Director Jason Schofield said: “Scotland’s offshore wind sector is preparing for massive expansion over the next ten to 15 years – with a large focus on floating wind.” The company says that it is planning to support the dramatic upscale in offshore wind capacity in this market from the existing 2GW in operation today.




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