Seas Geosciences to perform preliminary investigations for three planned Mediterranean floating wind farms

Dec. 20, 2023
Tyrrhenian, Nurax, Poseidon wind power projects could produce 5 TWh/yr off Italian coast.

Offshore staff 

ROME, Italy – The project companies Tyrrhenian, Nurax, Poseidon and Seas Geosciences have joined forces on preliminary investigations for three planned floating wind farms in the Mediterranean, with work to take place in early 2024. 

The areas for the three projects lie off the northeast coast of Sardegna and off the coast of Lazio, Italy. Combined, the three projects are expected to produce around 5 TWh/yr of power, with commercial operation expected between 2029 and 2031, after completion of the authorization process and construction. 

Seas Geosciences says it will assess seabed and subsurface conditions to inform the generation of a ground model and to progress design and installation studies for the projects’ foundations and cables. To do that, Seas will use its Deepwater CPT unit to perform cone penetration testing up to 40 meters below the surface of the seabed. It will then use its Deepwater Drilling system to collect borehole samples for laboratory testing.  

Work will take place in water depths of up to 1,600 meters – nearly one mile deep. Building on its ongoing success with another project launched off the coast of Sicily in 2022, Seas will partner with Italian company Argo on a vessel to serve as its base of operations.