TechnipFMC entering tidal energy venture

Nov. 18, 2021
TechnipFMC has a memorandum of understanding with Orbital Marine Power to collaborate in tidal energy.

Offshore staff

PARISTechnipFMC has a memorandum of understanding with Orbital Marine Power to collaborate in tidal energy.

The aim is to speed up commercialization of Orbital’s technology and deliver the first commercial-scale floating tidal field.

Orbital’s floating turbine, according to TechnipFMC, is the most powerful developed to date. It is designed to harness underwater currents generated by tides, and converted these to electricity for exported to shore.

TechnipFMC would contribute its integrated industrialization capabilities and project management experience to scale-up potential developments to lower the cost of delivering tidal energy.

In the UK there is currently 1 GW in total of consented tidal sites.