Gulf Copper reports increased traffic at Galveston facility due to Hurricane Ida

Sept. 9, 2021
Company officials say that they are particularly seeing 'many new vessels' coming in for repairs and maintenance.

Offshore staff

GALVESTON – Gulf Copper & Manufacturing Corp. is reporting increased traffic and activity at its Galveston facility due to the damage caused by Hurricane Ida on Louisiana’s port infrastructure.

With the ongoing closure of Port Fourchon due to the storm, offshore operators, suppliers, and service vendors are using the port of Galveston and the Gulf Copper facilities as a hub for supplies and personnel as crews return to their platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

Gulf Copper officials say they are supporting “many vessels that are normally based in Fourchon,” as these vessel owners search for a port and shipyard to manage their supply and personnel transportation needs. Company officials say that they are particularly seeing many new vessels coming into Galveston for repairs and maintenance.

“We are now supporting twice as many vessels and boats as we normally service, as offshore companies are now looking to Galveston for their supply, transportation, repair and maintenance needs,” said Mark Ashwell, Managing Director of Business Development for Gulf Copper.