Pioneering Spirit completes North Sea Tyra platform removals

Sept. 16, 2022
Allseas’ Pioneering Spirit will soon reach the port of Frederikshavn, Denmark, to deliver two more jackets from the Tyra Redevelopment Project for recycling.

Offshore staff

DELFT, the Netherlands – Allseas’ Pioneering Spirit should by now have reached the port of Frederikshavn, Denmark to deliver two more jackets from the Tyra Redevelopment Project for recycling.

The vessel removed the West Alpha and East Alpha structures from the Tyra field in the Danish North Sea for operator TotalEnergies EP Danmark and its Danish Underground Consortium (DUC) partners.

This concludes Allseas’ involvement in the redevelopment, with Pioneering Spirit removing a total of   more than 35,000 metric tons of offshore facilities from the field.

Allseas’ role in the project covered engineering, preparation, removal and transport to dismantling yards of the East Alpha and West Alpha platforms, flare jackets, IPF and monopile.

During the campaign, the company’s tasks included pre-lift preparation work (such as removal and separation of under-deck caissons); design, fabrication and installation of bearing blocks to accommodate its “horseshoe” lifting tools; leg cutting; design and fabrication of lifting yokes, leg support structures, spreader bars and frames; subsea dredging and cutting with internal and external cutting tools;  load-in operations via hydraulic skidding for the topsides and Tyra East Alpha jacket, and SPMTs for the other structures; use of all Pioneering Spirit’s  heavy lift systems (TLS, JLS and 5,000-t crane).