OGUK becomes Offshore Energies UK

Feb. 14, 2022
The change follows a strategic review that was approved by the UK offshore trade association’s members last December.

Offshore staff

LONDON – UK offshore trade association OGUK has renamed itself Offshore Energies UK, as it extends its oil and gas remit to hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, and offshore wind.

The change follows a strategic review that was approved by the association’s members last December.

While the members will continue to produce oil and gas, some are also involved in low carbon offshore projects including HyNet North West (Irish Sea), Acorn Hydrogen & CCS, Equinor’s Dogger Bank wind farm (all North Sea), West Anglesey Tidal Energy Project, and Hywind Scotland, Drax Zero Carbon Humber Projects, OGCI Climate Investments and Net Zero Teesside (all North Sea).

HyNet North West is one of five ‘cluster’ projects across the UK that will produce, transport, and store low carbon hydrogen and capture carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from industrial areas.

Eni UK, part of the HyNet consortium, will transport and store captured CO2 emissions beneath the seabed in depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs in Liverpool Bay.

Last Wednesday the consultation for the CO2 pipeline was launched.

Deirdre Michie, chief executive of Offshore Energies UK, said: “Over the last 50 years, the offshore oil and gas sector has contributed over £375 billion [$507 billion] to the Exchequer and supported hundreds of thousands of jobs.

“Our members are now building on their oil and gas heritage to make the UK a global center of green energy excellence that will help achieve net zero, while powering homes and industries.

“While our members are accelerating these newer energies, they will also dramatically reduce the emissions associated with producing the oil and gas that will continue to be an essential part of the UK’s increasingly diverse energy mix.”