Qatar expanding development of offshore North Field

Feb. 26, 2024
QatarEnergy has committed to another LNG expansion project: North Field West.

Offshore staff

DOHA, Qatar – QatarEnergy has committed to another LNG expansion project, North Field West, which will raise Qatar’s LNG production capacity to 142 MMt/yr by the end of this decade.

According to H.E. Minister Al-Kaabi, appraisal drilling and testing have confirmed that the productive layers of the offshore North Field extend westward, and these will form the basis of the new project.

Latest studies suggest an additional 240 tcf of gas in the North Field, lifting Qatar’s gas reserves from 1,760 tcf to more than 2,000 tcf. Associated condensates reserves have been upgraded from 70 Bbl to more than 80 Bbl, with further increases in LPG, ethane, and helium volumes.

The new project on the North Field’s western sector will have a production capacity of around 16 MMt/yr.

On completion, Qatar’s total hydrocarbon production should exceed 7.25 MMboe/d.