IOG gains further UK blocks in core North Sea area

Independent Oil and Gas secured all three license areas it applied for under the UK’s recent 30th Offshore Licensing Round.

Offshore staff

LONDON – Independent Oil and Gas (IOG) secured all three license areas it applied for under the UK’s recent 30th Offshore Licensing Round.

In each case, the company was awarded 100% operated interests. All are in the UK’s southern gas basin.

Block 48/24a is next to IOG’s existing Harvey license, giving the company 100% of the mapped Harvey structure and increasing prospective resources by 24 bcf to 114 bcf. IOG has an existing commitment to drill an appraisal well on Harvey by September 2019, but could now bring this forward to 4Q 2018. The block also has other discoveries and prospects.

Blocks 48/11c and 48/12b contain the Glein discovery (189 bcf contingent resources), which will be re-named Goddard. The work commitment involves reprocessing existing 3D seismic data to pre-stack depth migration (PSDM) level and drilling at least one well within three years of the license award. IOG aims to move Goddard forward to development and production at the earliest opportunity.

Block 53/1b contains the Aberdonia discovery (11 bcf 2C), to be re-named Abbeydale. Here the commitment is reprocessing of 3D data to PSDM level, with a view to upgrading the resources.

All three license areas are within tieback range of IOG’s recently acquired Thames pipeline, which IOG plans to recommission for its Blythe and Vulcan Satellites gas hubs development.

IOG has also issued an update on itsThames pipeline intelligent pigging and offshore survey programs.

For the pigging operation, performed using a Subsea 7 DSV, examination of three pipeline sections – cut 60 km (37 mi) offshore and retrieved to surface – suggest the pipeline is in good condition.

Two successful pipeline pressure tests have confirmed pipeline integrity, and initial 60-km gauge pigging runs have been conducted from Bacton on the Norfolk coast to the offshore tie-in point.

However, the initial intelligent pigging run gathered insufficient data because of a malfunction with the pig, so a second run will be needed to complete data acquisition.

Fugro’sMV Galaxy has completed four months of offshore geophysical surveys, shallow seismic, external pipeline inspection surveys, and environmental and geotechnical surveys.

Rosen is the pig supplier, with ODE responsible for operational management and EnerMech providing engineering support.


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