DOT: Analyzing vortex-induced vibration on multi-planar rigid jumpers

Aravind Nair, Raj Kadiyala, and Alan Whooley,MCS Kenny

Vortex induced vibration (VIV) is well understood for inline planar jumpers; its response under uniform flows are analyzed using response-based models. Typically, these consider both the cross flow and in-line vibrational response of the system. However, the industry is shifting towards the use of multi-planar jumper systems due to their increased tolerance to displacement.

The authors present a method to predict both in-line and cross-vibrational response of multi-planar structures under a generalized current profile. The method follows a sequence of steps to account for all possible vibrational response. These include identifying the structure’s natural frequencies and mode shapes; identifying natural frequencies likely to be excited by shedding; and classifying mode shapes and fluid flow with respect to the structural planes; creating VIV analysis load case matrix based on vibration types; and calculating VIV damage and fatigue life.

Tuesday, 11:30 - 12:00 - ROOM E103

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