New Zealand specifies offshore tracts available for bidding

March 31, 2015
New Zealand has opened its 2015 petroleum exploration permit bidding.

Offshore staff

WELLINGTON, New Zealand –New Zealand has opened its 2015 petroleum exploration permit bidding, and the areas available include these offshore prospects:

Northland-Reinga basin – Release Area 15NRN-R1 is in the Northland-Reinga basin and covers 186,181 sq km (71,885 sq mi). The government has some seismic data for this basin dating to the 1960s, but the area is relatively unexplored. It is believed to be prospective for oil and gas, and it shares a lot in common with the Taranaki basin.

Offshore Taranaki basin – Block Offer 2015 includes one release area in offshore Taranaki: area 15TAR-R1 that covers a total of 53,253 sq km (20,561 sq mi).

Offshore Pegasus and East Coast basins – Offshore Release Area 15PEG-R1 covers 44,015 sq km (16,994 sq mi) in parts of the Pegasus and East Coast basins.

Offshore Great South and Canterbury basins – Block Offer 2015 includes offshore release area 15GSC-R1, covering 141,757 sq km (54,833 sq mi) across the Great South and Canterbury basins.