Didon North satellite in Mediterranean due onstream soon

PA Resources (PAR) is working to sustain production from the Didon field offshore Tunisia.

Offshore staff

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – PA Resources (PAR) is working to sustain production from the Didon field offshore Tunisia.

During 2Q 2011, the field produced mainly from two wells, and production was stable. In this period, PAR also undertook to reactivate additional wells, which led to periodic flow from a third well in July.

An updated statistical model of the field will provide the basis of a new dynamic model of Didon’s production profile. PAR will use this model to assess the feasibility of drilling new production wells to enhance oil recovery on the field.

In May, drilling started on the satellite Didon North production well, and the hole's casing was set in late June. In July, the producing El Gueria reservoir was reached. Later this summer the horizontal part of the well is scheduled. Thereafter installation work will begin ahead of Didon North’s planned production start this fall.

Elsewhere offshore Tunisia, work continues on allocation of the oil reserves on the Zarat field between PA Resources’ Zarat license and Sonde Resources' adjacent 7 November license.

The two partnerships exchanged data and held several technical meetings. They plan to integrate a model for a Phase II study of development alternatives. However, the 7 November license is impacted by current sanctions against Libya, which has delayed the unitization process.

Interpretation of the 2010 seismic 3D study on Zarat has been completed, and the results will be used to update a 3D model of the Elyssa field. In parallel, 3D seismic data acquired in 2004 over the Zarat license is being reprocessed.

Earlier this month, the Tunisian authorities confirmed that the concession for the El Bibane field, where PAR is a partner to Candax-Ecumed, will remain valid until 2030. Previously, 2013 was thought to be the maturity date.


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