DotLine Laser combines V-belt pulley precision alignment with laser leveling in a single hand-held permanently calibrated tool.

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Pulley alignment tool

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DotLine Laser combines V-belt pulley precision alignment with laser leveling in a single hand-held permanently calibrated tool. Tight space is not a limitation as this lightweight, waterproof tool can be attached magnetically to either outside or inside of a pulley. Three "AAA" batteries project a bright fanned laser onto three magnetic targets placed on the opposite pulley allowing the user to view the alignment condition.

Multilateral Technology

Schlumberger has released a brochure with the latest information on robust, fundamental multilateral junction technologies. Build multilateral solutions for your future. Simplify logistics, landing tool confidence, redundant retrieval features, selective access of multiple laterals, applicable in horizontal wells, and compatible with RapidConnect system.

Converting FPSO

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Stena Bulk has released a new brochure promoting the Concordia-Class tanker as a prime FPSO or FSO conversion. F(P)SO conversion projects must have a solid base, i.e. a first class hull. Without a solid and well-maintained hull, any conversion project and the subsequent field operation may turn out to be a troublesome and costly exercise. Massive cost overruns and delays during the conversion period and unplanned field delays and shut downs with millions of dollars in lost revenue per day may be the end result. By choosing a Concordia-Class VLCC a customer will avoid these problems and secure a smooth conversion and a reliable production/storage platform for many years to come.

SeisVision 5.0

GeoGraphix, a Landmark subsidiary, has released SeisVision 5.0. This is a spowerful, easy to use 2D/3D seismic interpretation system that allows users to create fully integrated subsurface models from seismic data, directly from their Windows NT desktop. SeisVision 5.0 provides enhanced new interpretation capabilities to the exploration or exploitation geoscientists' desktop, including innovative 3D visualization and attribute extraction capabilities, as well as dynamic integration with GeoGraphix' geological interpretation and log analysis solutions.

New RIGID HC-300 hole cutter

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Rigid Tool Co. introsuces its new RIGID Model HC-300 hole cutting tool. With a unique light-weight design, the two-piece unit permits easy mounting and set up. The HC-300 was designed for effortlessly and accurately branching and servicing nonpressurized pipes. The tool is ideal for use in the field or in the shop, the Model HC-300 allows for easy and accurate cutting of holes up to 3 in. in steel pipe.

Frank's new product line

Frank's Casing Crew & Rental Tools, Inc. has announced an innovative Wellbore Clean-up System that will compliment the company's Completion Services. Designed and manufactured in Aberdeen, Scotland, the line includes the Well Pratroller, the Clutch Type Multi-Function Circulation Tool (MFCT), the Razor Back Casing Clean-up Scraper, and the Bristle Back Casing Clean-up Brush. Frank's has secured the product line through a joint venture with Specialized Petroleum Services in Scotland.

Materials Handling Hose

Linatex offers a materials handling hose that is a proven alternative to a steel pipe or hose in demanding plant conditions. These hoses offer a number of advantages including longer wear, vibration absorption, self-alignment, corrosion resistance, and easy installation. Linatex custom-built material conveying hose is made to the customer's specifications. The new brochure from Linatex features the entire selection of material handling hoses along with an elastomer selection guide.

The TransWave Field-Terminal

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The TransWave Field-Terminal is an economical, lightweight, compact unit that performs the following functions: holiday detection, defect detection and locations pinpointing, interference confirmation and source identification, and stray current analysis. Field personnel get instant informative profiles of pipeline conditions. They more quickly and accurately pinpoint and assess problems for more cost-effective remedial action.

Depth control system

Expro has successfully demonstrated repeatable depth control in slickline perforating operations. The system is capable of depth accuracy (2.5 ft.) Utilizes memory-logging technology to acquire correlation data during the pre-perforation run, and to correct for line tension, tool weight, line length, and wellhead pressure.

New pump brochure

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Imo Pump has a new brochure for the 324A series rotary, positive displacement 3-screw pump line. The four-color brochure illustrates pump construction features as well as performance capabilities, operating limitations and nominal dimensions. Designed for continuous operating pressures to 500 PSIG (34.5 BAR) and flows of 50 to 900 GPM (190 to 3,400 L/M), the 324A series is available in 10 difference displacements fitted to five casing sizes.

Automated Drilling System

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Wildcat Services has redesigned and updated its automatic drilling control system to be capable of multiparameter control of the rig brake system. Using pump pressure for the control medium, rates of penetration 5 times greater than the preceding system are possible.

Masterflex brochure

Slurries, corrosives, adhesives, dyes, inks, chemicals and easily handled by a wide selection of non-contaminating pump systems as detailed in Barnant Co.'s new 80-page catalog. Systems are used in a wide range of applications from industrial to biotech for metering, blending, dispensing, proportioning, and sampling of chemicals, food and drugs. A wide selection of chemically compatible, disposable tubing is available; most are autoclavable and NSF listed.

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