Eric Moellendick

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Director of Global Technology

Eric Moellendick is the Director of Global Technology, CASING DRILLING for Tesco Corporation. With over 17 years of oil and gas industry experience, Mr. Moellendick is considered a subject matter expert in CASING DRILLING applications and engineering. In his current role with TESCO he is responsible
for growing the technical and operational knowledge base used to plan and execute CASING DRILLING technology worldwide.  He joined TESCO in 2006 as a Senior Drilling Engineer and later became the Manager of CASING DRILLING for North America.  Prior to joining TESCO he worked for Baker Hughes in drilling operations holding positions ranging from Senior Field Engineer to Operations Coordinator for the Gulf Coast of Mexico.  After his stint with Baker Hughes Mr. Moellendick held a position with Weatherford developing MWD/LWD systems and drilling tools.  He holds a BS degree in petroleum engineering from Marietta College.