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Co-owner/Executive Vice President of Engineering

Mr. Cummings brings over 30 years of professional engineering experience in the following industries such as Drilling, Production and subsea wellhead automation including flow lines and umbilical’s. Additional experience also includes Petrochemical, Oil Refineries, Gas & Liquid pipelines and positions that range from Project Management to electrical engineering and instrumentation for control of any process. Automation design and application experience utilizing all tools including Wonderware, Controllogix Software, GE 9070 and 9030 tools such as GE Fanuc HMI, Intergraph’s SmartPlant suite of tools such as Intools, SmartPlant Electrical. Design experience with all software has functioned as lead and project engineer and all forms of projects from Ethylene, Refining, LNG, Fertilizer, Polyethylene, Etc. . . . Highly motivated individual with proven experience towards performance of both schedule and cost control. Effective experience with aggressively scheduled projects and their implementation as well as quality communication with organized planning for any project.