Michael Crowden Houston During fabrication, cranes rotated Energy Development's South Pass 1,200-ton 47-A platform jacket (left) 180 at Aker Gulf Marine's Aransas Pass yard. The cranes carried the jacket a short distance, where three completed sides were welded to the fourth side (right). The four-pile jacket was installed later in 224 ft water depths and is scheduled to produce 60 MMcf/d of gas from six wells.

  • Seagull Energy has discovered oil at Ship Shoal 129. The OCS-G-12941 No.2 encountered 130 ft of net sands in six zones. One 34-ft zone tested 1,008 b/d of oil and 944 Mcf/d of gas through a 16/64-inch choke with flowing tubing pressure of 2,186 psi. Additional drilling is planned.

  • Coastal Oil and Gas has discovered a new gas field at Main Pass 223. The discovery was drilled in 259 ft of water. The well has pay zones in Middle Miocene formations at 8,800 ft and 9,500 ft depths. A confirmation well drilled in Main Pass 222 found pay in Middle Miocene formations at 8,600 ft and 8,800 ft, reported CNG Producing, a 50% working interest partner in the field. Coastal owns 40% and Chieftain International owns 10%. Vastar Resources has an option to acquire 25%. Development plans call for installation of a platform and facilities with capacity for 100 MMcf/d. Several additional wells are to be drilled, said CNG.

  • A group led by Tenneco Ventures has paid $22.2 million to acquire 70% of Shell's interest in West Delta 30, one of the largest oil and gas fields in the US Gulf. Joining Tenneco in the acquisition are Seneca Resources (Houston) and Basin Exploration (Lafayette). Seneca will replace Shell as operator. West Delta 30 field is located in 50 ft of water off Louisiana. Discovered in the 1950s, the field has produced 500 million bbl of oil and 700 billion cu ft of gas. Further development is planned, aided by 3D seismic surveys. Geophysical surveys indicate significant reserves remain, says Tenneco.

  • Switzerland-based Allseas Marine Contractors began work for Shell Pipe Line on a 40 km, 20-in. oil pipeline as part of the Amberjack development. The pipeline will link Shell's Boxer platform in Green Canyon 19 with its B platform at South Timbalier 301. The water depth range is 100-227 meters. The dp pipeline installation vessel Lorelay will undertake the work.

  • Enron Oil and Gas and Chieftain International have acquired of Santa Fe Minerals' interests in the US Gulf. Included is a package of 57 developed and undeveloped blocks covering 291,000 gross acres (147,000 net to Enron/Chieftain) located in the Matagorda Island and High Island areas off Texas; the Garden Banks and West Cameron areas off Louisiana, and the Viosca Knoll and Mobile Bay areas of the eastern Gulf of Mexico. The average production from these properties for the first six months of 1995 was 78.5 MMcf/d of gas (63.5 MMcf/d net of royalties to Enron/Chieftain). The acquisition increases Enron's US offshore developed acreage to 344,289 gross acres (151,502 net) and its US offshore undeveloped acreage to 497,064 gross acres (433,106 net). The acquisition increases Chieftain's exploration exposure in the Gulf of Mexico by 73,000 net acres to 163,100 net acres in 108 federal offshore leases, covering 545,000 gross acres. Chieftain and Enron and equal partners in the acquisition.

  • Seacor Holdings is purchasing for $72 million the marine assets of Alabama-based John E Graham and Sons. The Graham fleet includes seven supply vessels, 37 crew boats, five mini-supply vessels, and 79 utility boats. Seacor says Graham personnel will be offered employment.

  • Santa Fe Energy Resources says its increased 1995 capital budget for the Gulf of Mexico had thus far yielded success in five of seven exploratory wells and seven of seven development wells. It also initiated an extensive 3D seismic exploratory venture, acquired additional offshore producing property interests, and was awarded nine leases in the May lease sale. Santa Fe budgeted $50 million for offshore capital programs in 1995, compared with $24 million spent in 1994. Its net production from the Gulf of Mexico is about 95 MMcf/d of gas and 2,250 b/d of oil.

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