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Fleet capabilities [10388 bytes] Anchor chains [15439 bytes] Engineered solutions [17099 bytes] Safety valve [10452 bytes] Cylinders [17158 bytes] Information on the Offshore Series of Conferences & Exhibitions is now on-line at Included is specific information on Offshore Egypt, Deep Offshore Technology IX, Offshore West Africa '97, Subsalt '98, and Offshore Western Australia and an information submittal form to electronically request information or

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Information on the Offshore Series of Conferences & Exhibitions is now on-line at Included is specific information on Offshore Egypt, Deep Offshore Technology IX, Offshore West Africa '97, Subsalt '98, and Offshore Western Australia and an information submittal form to electronically request information or sign-up for participation in any of the events.

Fleet capabilities

The Saipem Group has published a new fleet capabilities brochure. The brochure details the 28 vessels of the Saipem fleet including the Castoro, Scarbeo, and Perro Negro series of vessels. Each listing includes specific information such as dimensions, capabilities, and deck and load capacities, as well as a full color photograph of the vessel.
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IWL has issued a new release on their telecommunications services for the offshore industry. The brochure contains detailed information on IWL's status as the first single-source telecommunications provider for the energy industry. Included is specific information on the company's telecom services for the offshore industry; carrier services for long distance, local access and Internet connections; land mobile radio services; and program management and engineering services.
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Fender unit

Timco, a manufacturer and distributor of engineered plastic parts for cranes, is introducing a new fender unit for offshore drilling platforms. The new units are light weight, have a strong frame of non-corrosive PA6G plastic holds, and have two polyurethane coated idler rolls distanced at almost 4 feet from the frame. The fender units produce a rolling - rather than rubbing - motion between the ship and the side of the rig.
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Subsea systems

ABB Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals has published a new brochure on their total subsea systems. Highlighted in the brochure is the Modular Subsea System (MSS), a cost-effective, modular subsea system, applicable for a wide range of vessels, Subsea Separation and Injection System (SUBSIS), a subsea water separation system for removal and re-injection of reservoir water, and the Electric Control System (ACE), a low cost, reliable control system. Also included is specific information on ABB full line of subsea products and services.
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Anchor chains

Baldt has issued three new releases on their line of stockless anchors, chains, and hardware. The releases contain information on each of the different products including a detailed drawing and the product specifications. The hardware brochure contains information on swivels, shackles, and connecting links, the anchors brochure covers 11 different kinds of anchors and their applications, and the chain brochure covers the 8 lines of Baldt chains.
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Corrosion protection

Global Corrosion Technologies is introducing a new marine corrosion control compound called Snokote. Snokote provides long term corrosion protection inside all flange voids when used in conjunction with the Flangeseal Delivery System. Snokote protects in and around the splash zone as well as air interface areas. It is used as a filling material to displace water or air inside J-tubes under pipe and saddle clamps.
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Rig construction

HAM Marine has new literature on the specifics of their rig construction operations and facilities located on the US Gulf Coast. HAM's 950 skilled craftsmen dedicated to rig construction, 30,000-ton capacity towable dry-dock, 160,000 sq. ft. of covered space in the facilities, and project management with experience is rig conversion are highlighted in the brochure.
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Heavy deck installation

ETPM has released a brochure on an alternative to derrick barge deck installation with the Smart Leg shockless system of load transfer. The Smart Leg is a method to safely install the full deck package using a conventional cargo barge in conjunction with special equipment integrated into the deck legs. This allows for more freedom in deck design by allowing for greater lifting capacity of derrick barges. Circle 12 on Reader Service Card

Drilling technology

Hughes Christensen has developed a technology that enables one to drill and ream in one continuous operation. Ream While Drilling (RWD) Technology allows only one step in the drilling process therefore lowering rig costs and has no moving parts alleviating the risk of leaving components in the hole calling for expensive fishing jobs and rig down time. The brochure covers the three tools in the RWD Technology line: the Ream While Drilling Tool, Steerable Ream While Drilling, and Slimhole Technology Ream While Drilling.
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Mooring systems

Bridon has published a new brochure on permanent mooring systems. The brochure details what type of ropes and mooring systems are applicable for each industry application such as floating production. They also describe a synthetic rope solution, a fiber rope solution, and specifications on the ropes based on jacketed diameter, weight, and minimum breaking load.
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Turnkey FPSO

FMC-SOFEC and McDermott-ETPM has issued a new release illustrating their Floating Production Contractors strategic alliance in the West Africa region. The brochure describes the Floating Production Contractors as a strategic alliance under the FMC-SOFEC and McDermott-ETPM umbrella designed to provide proven turnkey FPSO-based field solutions. Also included is information on fabrication and installation of subsea facilities as part of the alliance.
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Frac fluids

BJ Services has released new literature describing their full line of frac fluids. The brochure explains how BJ has engineered their frac fluids to meet individual reservoir requirements and how they can be combined with breaker technologies to provide greater clean-up and superior productivity. The brochure includes applications and technical descriptions of each fluid in the line.
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Mooring systems

Oil States Industries has developed an application to allow more flexibility in TLP mooring, drilling, and production systems called the FlexJoint. The FlexJoint is installed at the top and bottom terminations of the TLP mooring system tethers and is designed to allow large angular deflections and accommodate all loads and motions imposed by storm conditions. FlexJoints are designed to specific customer application requirements and specifications.
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Coiled pipe services

Quality Tubing has published new material on their pipeline services. Coiled Tubing specializes in the manufacturing, coating, and installation of continuous, carbon-steel coiled pipe for pipeline applications. The brochure depicts the many different techniques in which Quality Tubing utilizes in their coiled pipeline installation services and the benefits to using continuous, carbon-steel coiled pipeline versus conventional jointed pipeline.
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New literature

New literature from Bardex, a company specializing in the design, manufacture, and installation of heavy load handling, positioning, mooring, and tensioning systems, has been released concerning Products and Services for the Offshore Industry. The full-color brochure gives a complete company profile and highlights Bardex' many products and services such as hydraulic skidding systems, drilling systems including BOP applications and riser tensioning, and floating production technology covering TLP, SPAR, FPS, and FPSO mooring.
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Engineered solutions

Aker Marine Contractors has published new information on Engineered Solutions for the Offshore Industry. The brochure includes information on the company's specialization in marine contracting services in the offshore industry. Also covered are specialized preset mooring systems for MODUs and taut leg mooring systems for supply vessels.
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Vertical pump

The vertical high energy pump HPcpV has been developed by Sulzer Pumps to meet the need for a compact and lighter water injection and oil transfer pump for the offshore industry. The vertical pump has a footprint that is typically 30% of a comparable horizontal unit and does not require a large baseplate therefore granting immediate saving in weight and cost. The HPcpV also offers lower cost, improved operating envelope, predictable dynamic characteristics, and reduced maintenance downtime as compared to conventional horizontal pumps.
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Construction services

Bay Offshore has released a new brochure detailing their construction, repair, and fabrication services to the Gulf of Mexico offshore industry and their service/fabrication facility. The brochure highlights the company's structural and piping fabrication, module assembly, blasting and painting, and construction crew services available. Also covered are specifics on their 15 acre, 1,200 ton capacity, fabrication facility located in Louisiana.
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D.L. Ricci is announcing a new line of NB Series Clamshells. The NB Series is designed to be one of the most rigid clamshells on the market. The NB has a unique bearing system that allows for a low profile machine capable of cutting all wall thickness and alloys of piping. It also has a split frame, low weight, design that allows for setup in very tight areas with minimal time and effort. The NB will accommodate nominal pipe sizes ranging from 2" to 43" OD.
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Offshore catalog

IRI has released their new 1996-97 Catalog on their world-wide service to the offshore industry. The catalog lists IRI's many different offshore rigs including drilling and workover rigs, as well as their derricks, drawworks, mudpumps, rotary tables, swivels, and traveling blocks. Each section contains detailed specifications and full-color illustrated graphics. The catalog also covers IRI's full-service refurbishment and manufacturing divisions.
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Scott Specialty Gases has introduced a family of gases for specialty applications. The family includes TechniMate high-performance gases for laboratory instruments, TechniPure high-purity performance gases for specialty applications, and TechniSpec customer specified pure gases. The TechniMate gases are designed to eliminate instrument failure. The TechniPure products offer a broad range of purity specifications for all industry applications.
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Fracturing fluid

Schlumberger Dowell announced the introduction of ClearFRAC fluid, a new generation of polymer-free fracturing fluids. ClearFRAC fluid is a solids-free formulation that is easily recovered during well cleanup and leaves nothing behind but clean proppant. The fluid significantly enhances production by providing more than 95% retained proppant pack permeability as compared to the industry average.
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Downhole motor

Trudril has issued a new release on their complete line of downhole motors. The brochure covers slim hole, high speed, low speed - high torque motors, and the Trudril drilling motor test stand. Each listing includes the complete specifications on each motor. Also covered is Trudril's unique adjustable bent housing and how it is used to increase the efficiency of the motors.
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Safety valve

Baker Oil Tools is introducing the FVHDM Surface Controlled Subsurface Safety Valve which is available to reach fail-safe setting depths of 9,400 feet. The FVHDM uses a simple design to accurately and reliably stop flow against extreme hydrostatic pressure. The valve is designed to operate reliably within relatively small casing bores, specifically in 3 1/2" tubing inside 7" casing. The valve allows the operator greater flexibility in selecting casing programs based on operating needs, rather than valve requirements.
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Bowen Tools has released the 1996-1997 General Catalog on their drilling and specialty tools and equipment for the oil and gas industry. The catalog covers every Bowen product line including fishing tools, drilling tools, and power equipment. Each listing includes a detailed graphic of the product and the product specifications. Information on Bowen's 600,000-sq-ft manufacturing facility is also included.
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High Performance Tube has release the Fine-Fin titanium heat exchanger tubing. Fine-Fin offers 2.5 times the heat transfer surface of a similar length of bare tube, and is about half the cost of bare tube per square foot of external surface area. The Fine-Fin is available in titanium, zirconium, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, and high nickel alloys.
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Hannon/REMCO Hydraulics has released literature describing their Motion Compensation Cylinders for use in the offshore industry. The brochure highlights the company's 50+ experience in providing the industry with the manufacturing and rebuilding of large, mill-type cylinders and the recent acquisition of REMCO Hydraulics. Also covered are sections on cylinder manufacturing and engineering capabilities, cylinder rebuilding capabilities, and other products and services.
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Services capabilities

Dresser-Rand has published a new release on the new capabilities of their services division. Dresser-Rand Services Division is aimed at providing reliable, technical support, as well as parts, field service, repairs, upgrades, and overhauls on equipment bearing the Dresser-Rand or affiliate name. The company also provides OEM parts and service worldwide and offers 24-hour network service centers that provide parts, services, repairs, training and technical support.
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Seismic software

CogniSeis announced the latest release of VoxelGeo, their 3D volume visualization software. VoxelGeo is an innovative volume visualization application that provides geoscientists with the ability to view inside seismic volumes allowing for a better understanding of spatial relationships between complex structural or stratigraphic features. The latest release allows the user access to foreign interpretation databases using CogniSeis' new Uniform Links Architecture.
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Circuit protection

ABB Control has enhanced its Arc Guard optical arc protections system by providing an output for remote indication of the system's status. This makes the system suitable for use within enclosed substations where power circuit protection equipment may be monitored from a central control room. Arc Guard can disconnect switchgear in the event of a short-circuit arc in under 100ms allowing for a reduction in injuries and overall risk. The system is already in use in many Statoil North Sea production platforms.
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