Michael Crowden Houston Map: E&P Highlights. Shell has issued a letter of intent to Sonat Offshore Drilling regarding a proposed firm three-year contract on the semisubmersible, multi-service (MSV) Polyportia. The contract would commence after Sonat's purchase and conversion of the unit to an ultra deep water drilling rig, expected to take up to 15 months. The proposed term could be extended to five years at Shell Offshore's option, prior to the commencement of the initial three-year

  • Green Canyon 244: Partners Marathon Oil, BP Exploration, and Shell Offshore have drilled a successful stepout on Green Canyon 244. Appraisal Green Canyon 245-1 encountered 120 ft of pay in two intervals. The well is located in 2,700 ft of water one mile east of the discovery well. Reserves are estimated in excess of 200 million BOE in the main reservoir. Development plans are being finalized with first production expected in early 1998.
  • South Pass 78: Pogo Producing has discovered new reserves on its South Pass 78 field. Two new exploratory wells, A-10ST and A-12ST, encountered gas sands in previously untested fault blocks. The wells tested a combined 24.5 MMcf/d. A third well, A-11ST, has been drilled and completed. A fourth well, A-9ST, is being drilled. South Pass 78 has produced a cumulative 190 Bcf of gas and four million bbl of oil and condensate.
  • Viosca Knoll 817: Flextrend Development, a subsidiary of Leviathan Gas Pipeline Partners, has initiated production from Viosca Knoll 817 A-2. The well is producing 30 MMcfd of gas from the Tex-1 reservoir, located at a TVD of 4,200 ft. Current production from the two block 817 wells is a combined 60 MMcf/d. The gas is flowing into the Viosca Knoll Gathering System, operated by Leviathan. Flextrend says drilling is underway on a development well, Viosca Knoll A-3. Drilling also is underway on its Garden Bank 72 project.
  • Galveston 241/255: Coastal Oil and Gas is conducting redevelopment on this block aimed at boosting production to 4,200 b/d of oil and 8.0 MMcf/d. Redevelopment was based on a 1993 3D seismic survey, when the field was producing 300 b/d. Since then, four additional development wells were drilled and completed at 8,800 ft. Plans for 1996 include several workovers and drilling of at least one additional development well.
  • High Island A 271/272: Coastal recently completed a development well in the High Island A 271/272 field, in 162 ft of water. Well A-3 ST1 encountered 33 ft of pay in an untested fault block in the Upper Lentic sand at 5,120 ft. The well is producing 6.2 MMcf/d of gas with a flowing pressure of 1,500 psi on a 25/64-inch choke.

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