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Plastic mudmat

Offshore Structural Polymers has developed the OSPolyMat plastic mudmat. The OSPolyMat is extruded from high-quality, exterior grade PolyVinylChloride (PVC) explicitly chosen for its excellent balance of high-bending strength, high toughness, and resistance to fracture propagation, resistance to ultraviolet light, and color retention. The mat is custom extruded to the required lengths on a project-by-project basis. OSPolyMat's unique design and combination of non-corrosive material, lightweight, simplified installation, and interlocking design helps to reduce the overall costs and shorten the construction time for offshore jackets.
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Dual BOP

Hydril has unveiled the Dual GX 18 3/4-10,000 Annu-Flex system that combines field-proven products in a new blowout preventer configuration. The system combines two annular 18 3/4-in. blowout preventers with a flex joint and can be used as the upper BOP package in water depths exceeding 10,000 ft. Identical dual preventers are rated at 10,000 psi working pressure, with 3 1/16-in., 15,000 psi side outlets. An integrated flex joint provides up to +/-10 degree of flexure, and is rated at 2,000 psi working pressure with maximum tension of 2 million lb. The entire system is 179 in. tall and weighs 108,000 lbs.
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Drilling fluids

Baker Hughes INTEQ has recently released a brochure on their AQUA-DRILL drilling fluid systems. This 8-page color brochure provides an overview of INTEQ's AQUA-DRILL system and related services. The system employs glycol technology to deliver improved shale inhibition in environmentally-preferred water-base drilling fluids. The brochure also includes information on the AQUA-DRILL Plus systems which are engineered to deliver improved performance relating to lubricity, penetration rates, and borehole stability.
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Drilling monitor

Petron has developed the new MUD SHO low cost drilling monitor that provides accurate, instant, up-to-the-second information on critical drilling fluid parameters during drilling, circulating, tripping, and other rig operations that involve the mud program. The MUD SHO is a high performance mud system monitor that has high-end features at an economical price. The monitor provides rig personnel with mud circulation system values and alarm point settings that are critical to drilling efficiency and safety. The monitor features a single compact stainless steel display unit/junction box/main data acquisition unit that saves rig floor space.
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Sand control

Baker Oil Tools is featuring more than a dozen reservoir optimization technologies in a new 24-page Sand Control Technology brochure. The brochure looks at production management through total completion systems that enhance wellbore stability and increase well longevity and productivity. Featured in the brochure are tools for horizontal open-hole and cased-hole completions; fluid pumping services; advanced perforating processes; and zone isolation. The brochure also lists features of the company's H2O-PAQ open-hole system for improved displacement of drill-in fluids. Circle 05 on Reader Service Card.

Underbalanced drilling

BJ Services has released a brochure on the company's underbalanced drilling products and services. The brochure includes an overview on underbalanced drilling which features information on the advantages and methods used as well as information on flow drilling, foam drilling, nitrified drilling fluids, air drilling, and drilling damage. The brochure also highlights the advantages and disadvantages of drill pipe injection and annular injection. Information is also presented on BJ's purpose-built drilling assembly and pressure deployment system to be used in drilling using coiled tubing. BJ's CIRCA simulation analysis software, NOW-DAQ data acquisition system, and CYCLE coiled tubing monitoring system are also detailed.
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Oil purification

Engine Technologies has introduced the PURIFINER oil purification system. The PURIFINER is a bypass filter system that significantly extends oil change intervals in internal combustion engines and hydraulic equipment. The system extends the engine and equipment life by removing abrasive particles in the oil down to one micron, and removing corrosive water, fuel, and glycol from the oil. The PURIFINER can reduce new oil purchases and used oil disposal costs by 90% and eliminates the need for frequent oil changes.
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ABB AMDATA is introducing the latest in a long line of innovative, automated non-destructive testing scanners called the Navigator. The Navigator is trackless, able to run across any carbon steel surface and to handle complex surface curvatures such as exist on large pressure vessels, storage tanks, and ship hulls. The tool is controlled by either a joystick or computer and provides the ability to scan as large an area as it can roam, limited only by the length of its umbilical cable - typically 75-300 ft long. The Navigator can also crawl into narrow spaces and move and scan around obstacles.
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Fluid additives

M-I has introduced an exclusive line of chemical additives to its SAFE Series line of completion and workover fluids. The new additives, which M-I developed and will market exclusively, include displacement and clean-up chemicals, viscosifiers, filtration aids, and a variety of specialty products, comprising scavengers, surfactants, and corrosion inhibitors. The new additives offer customers all-inclusive completion and workover fluid technology that provides superior performance and optimum wellbore sensitivity.
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Flexatallic has developed a sealing product which is set to deliver unique problem solving capabilities in all high temperature sealing environments. Therimuclite provides the first reliable alternative to asbestos in long term, continuous service applications at high temperatures. The combination of its ability to perform in temperatures in excess of 1000°C and an excellent chemical, corrosion and creep resistance, make the product ideal for many applications in oxidizing service. Thermuclite is available in sheet sizes of 1 meter x 1 meters and a thickness range of .75 mm to 5 mm.
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Database reports

Energy Graphics has released the version 2.4 of its Intellex Report software for inspecting and generating reports from oil and gas exploration databases. New features enable users to output data to either Excel files or in ASCII format, post lessee and percentages ownership text and boundaries to a graphic display, and access on-line help via a web browser. Updated graphic templates for the newest Gulf of Mexico areas and a streamlined installation procedure have also been added with this release.
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Well log analysis

GeoQuest announced the release of its latest upgrade to QLA well log analysis software, a petrophysical interpretation application for use on PC. QLA 3.0 features simultaneous display from multiple wells for easy correlation of zones and markers. The new upgrade combines multiwell display functionality with a 32-bit architecture to increase the program's speed and accuracy. Users can convert paper logs into digital format or import Log ASCII Standard (LAS), flat ASCII files, or TIF files. Logs can also be imported from GeoQuest's OilField Manager production database application.
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Bardex has published a new four-color illustrated brochure which presents a pictorial review of the company's innovative hydraulic systems used for deepwater spar/FPS/FPSO mooring, TLP tendon installation/tensioning, pipeline pull-in, and FPSO buoy retrieval by the offshore oil and gas industry. The company's equipment is being installed on some of the industry's most advanced deepwater FPS structures.
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Jackup design

TDI-Halter and Zentech have released a new brochure on the Zentech R-450 jackup drilling design. The design is based on Zentech's experience in the design, construction, conversion, and repair of offshore drilling rigs and combines with modern engineering and design techniques. The design features higher hook load, greater cantilever reach, larger carrying capacity, and improved environmental capabilities, compared to yesterday's "premium" jackups. The brochure includes information on such design criteria as storm criteria, the zenlock system, elevating unit, tank capacities, and the hull.
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Rig market report

A major new detailed study on the future prospects for mobile offshore rigs and drilling unites has been published by Ocean Shipping Consultants. The 210-page report called "Offshore Rigs: Market Outlook to 2010" includes offshore drilling volumes, fleet development, demand for different rig classes, shipyard activity, day rates, and newbuilding/secondhand prices. The report casts projected offshore rig activity up to 2010 based on average annual levels and also includes information on near-term fleet additions.
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Drilling lubricant

Sun Drilling Products has introduced a new brochure in LUBRA-GLIDE, an environmentally-safe, non-drilling lubricant. LUBRA-GLIDE is comprised of inert, non-toxic, non-polluting, copolymer beads that can withstand temperatures up to 500°. LUBRA-GLIDE is hard enough to withstand deformation, fracturing, and breakage under extreme pressures up to 17,000 psi. The product's non-abrasive beads are compatible with aqueaous and non-aqueous liquids and are available in fine (.25 mm) and coarse (.80 mm) grades.
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Well service vessel

OSCA has published information on its new Challenger 240-ft-long multi-well service vessel. The full dynamically positioned Challenger has an overall beam of 56 ft. The release includes information on the pumping capabilities including four 2,000 hhp frac pumps and one 400 hhp acid pump; on-board QA/QC equipment including inline viscometer and inline pH probe; and blending/transporting capabilities such as 200,000 lb bulk sand storage and 400 bbl bulk fluid storage.
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Chemical cutter

Western Atlas Logging Services has published a new release on it's advanced Chemical Cutter technology that cuts pipe safely without distortions, including corrosion-resistant alloy tubulars. The Chemical Cutter service has been used successfully in pipe recovery operations, severing tubing, casing, or drill pipe in a fraction of a second without damaging an adjacent string. The cut is flare-free, burr-free, and undistorted, which allows easy engagement of an overshot without dressing the fishtop. The cutter is also designed to perform effectively at high pressures and temperatures.
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Inspection and reporting

Netlink Inspection Systems has developed the Inspection Manager integrated inspection and reporting for oil and gas industry offshore facilities. Inspection Manager is a computer system that automates and coordinates the collection of data from inspections of structures - including jackets, FPSO's, and pipelines. The system reports the results in real time in either a standard of customized format. The system utilizes the new generation of hardware imaging technology including read-write CD-ROM, digital still capture, and motion video capture which are applied with interactive software to provide a total solution for inspection and reporting.
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Tubular products

Siderca has published a brochure on their complete tubular product line for the energy industry. The brochure details the casing, tubing, and line pipe products which are complemented with an accessory line including pup joints, subs, crossovers, couplings, and bends. Siderca also markets drill pipe, sucker rods, high-pressure mechanical tubing for CNG cylinders, and other hot and cold-finished products for structural, thermal, and mechanical applications. The brochure also highlights information on the integrated process, and integrated steel manufacturing.
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Total field development

ECL has published a new company brochure on total field development. ECL provides design engineering, project management, and inspection services to the oil and gas industry. The company offers services based specifically on customers requirements involving as much or as little client interface as needed. ECL provides turnkey engineering services to contractors for their design/construct projects as well. The company specializes in such projects as platforms, topside facilities, mobile production units, pipelines, drilling rig modifications, and marine buildings.
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