Oil States MCS has developed the Technospamec Diamond Wire Cutting System (DWCS) for efficient and quick underwater cutting of structures. The DWCS utilizes a diamond wire looped and fitted on hydraulically powered driving pulleys. The wire travels though the pulleys at high speed while angulation and a proper tension provide the necessary cutting friction. The cutting frame can be configured in different ways depending on the direction of the cut, the size and shape of the items to be cut, and

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Cutting system

Oil States MCS has developed the Technospamec Diamond Wire Cutting System (DWCS) for efficient and quick underwater cutting of structures. The DWCS utilizes a diamond wire looped and fitted on hydraulically powered driving pulleys. The wire travels though the pulleys at high speed while angulation and a proper tension provide the necessary cutting friction. The cutting frame can be configured in different ways depending on the direction of the cut, the size and shape of the items to be cut, and the position in respect to the seabed.
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Hughes Christensen has recently launched a new product designed for steerable and straight hole motor applications. The UltraMax [12,094 bytes] high performance bit incorporates the latest innovative metal seal technology and offers the perfect balance of high speed performance and reliability. The UltraMax integrates new technologies to protect the bearing seal, a new grease and lubrication system protected by the BOSS six point stabilization system, and clean sweep hydraulics for the removal of cuttings and ensuring high penetration results.
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Screw compressors

Cooper Energy Services has introduced a new line of oil-flooded rotary screw compressor [19,326 bytes] packages ranging from 95 hp to 1,600 hp. The new packages feature screw compressors rated at 150, 350, 850, 1,150 psig maximum working pressure with internal capacity control. Packages from 95 hp to 400 hp include Caterpillar engine-driven Sullair compressors; 500 hp to 1,200 hp packages offer Sullair compressors driven by Superior engines; and 400 hp to 1,200 hp systems also feature Caterpillar and Superior engines driving Ajax rotary screw compressors.
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Filter package

Greig Filters has developed the Vertical Leaf Filter Package [16,739 bytes] for use in high rate gravel pack and fracs. The model 54 S/C 650 BP precoat filter skids include the 650 sq ft DE filter, 30 element downstream filter, Deutz engine, and blender. The completion fluid filter is ideal for the Gulf of Mexico and International Oilfield because of the max rate of 15 BPM at 1800 RPM and small footprint of 8 ft by 16 ft. The company has recently delivered three of the packages to Dowell Schlumberger in Columbia.
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Gas expansion

Alliance Engineering has released a new brochure on the company's expertise in providing engineering, design, and materials management services for the gas transmission market. The brochure highlights Alliance's specialized services on offer for gas expansion/facility projects such as pipeline facilities including compressor, metering, and regulator stations; engineering and design services including conceptual/preliminary engineering; engineering and design disciplines including process and civil/structural engineering; and, project support services including project management and control.
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Stabil Drill is providing a complete line of stabilizers including spiral blade, straight blade, integral blade, extra-wide blade, and non-magnetic types. The stabilizers are manufactured with 4145 heat-treated steel and offer various hard faces for use in even the toughest offshore wells. With a large inventory of tools, an experienced staff, and three manufacturing plants along the Gulf Coast, Stabil Drill can fit any bottom hole assembly.
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Continental Emsco has introduced the Electrohoist V (EH-V) 5,000 hp rated drawworks. The EH-V combines an Electrohoist gear driven design with new engineering to accommodate braking via a variety of options including: regenerative braking through either AC or DC motors, water cooled disc brakes, or a traditional eddy current braking system. The drawworks has a superior hookload capacity of two million pounds as compared to that industry standard 1.5 million lb. The EH-V will also allow for drilling and casing operations as well as handling the heavy riser load necessary for deepwater operations.
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Filtration technology

Parker Hannifin has published a new textbook, "Filtration Technology," covering the broadest range of filtration technology ever gathered in one source for the natural gas industry. The book is a 250-page, 12-chapter, illustrated publication designed to both introduce the beginning student to filtration concepts and to serve as a reference for those with filtration experience. The textbook highlights components that might be encountered in a typical filtration system, what they consist of and how they work.
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Pipe coating

Chemola has announced the introduction of Quick Coat 2000, a non-flammable, water-based pipe coating that eliminates the risk of harmful vapors and possible fire hazards that are prevalent in asphalt-based pipe coatings. The Quick Coat is easily applied to pipe by brush, spraying, or dipping making it easy for storage and transportation. Quick Coat is also designed not to crack or flake avoiding the problem of clogging.

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Valve specifier

DeZURIK has developed a new elastomer and metal selection software that quickly shows valve specifiers which metals, elastomers, and polymers are compatible with a wide variety of corrosive media. The software is designed for use with Windows 96 and speeds valve specifications and assures the best match of valve body, packing, and seat materials with specific corrosives. The software also rates each valve material based on its performance in corrosive processes at a variety of temperatures and pressures.
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Steering system

Gyrodata has introduced the Rate-Gyro Steering system, a rate-gyroscopic steering system that provides real-time surface readout of orientation data while drilling. The steering system replaces magnetics for any orientation or guidance operation including drilling motors and assemblies, whipstocks and packers, and coiled tubing guidance. The system performs multiple survey functions at the wellsite including steering conducted with the probe seated in the muleshoe sub, multishot surveys taken while traversing to seat for steering operations, and wet-connect systems and top-entry subs eliminating the side-door sub.
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Westfalia Separator has developed a new advanced line of separators that utilize the patented Hydrostop process. The Hydrostop process provides the most precise desludging system on the market which reduces sludge up to 50% during fuel oil and lube oil purification, and up to 90% during sludge treatment. Hydrostop works in conjunction with redesigned discharge ports in a new bowl architecture for more efficient sludge removal. The separators also use the Softstream system which allows liquids to enter the bowl in a super calm state.
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Fluid systems

TBC-Brinadd has released a new brochure on the Ultra family of fluid systems. The Ultra family was designed based on the concept of fluid systems with the lowest possible polymer and solids content, utilizing various base brines for density rather than the addition of solids. The Ultra uses ultra fine bridging particles resulting in fluids that have total solids concentrations including polymer and filter loss control additives as low as 20 pounds per barrel. The benefits of the Ultra family include faster rate or penetration, reduced filtrate and polymer invasion, and easier filter cake removal.
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Pipeline recovery tools

Pipeline Engineering and Supply has developed a range of subsea pipeline recovery tools [22,270 bytes] that satisfy the widest ever spectrum of needs experienced by offshore operator and contractors. The tools have been designed to recover pipestrings at sea, typically when a wet buckle occurs as the pipe is laid on the seabed. The tools are manufactured to handle a range of pipe sizes of 2-40 in. They can be deployed at water depths up to 350 meters and fitted and hydraulically energized by ROV.
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Construction mats

Submar has released a new brochure on the company's construction mats [20,629 bytes]. The mats principle functions are separation, stabilization, and protection of pipelines. The design of the mats allows for self-silting and proper spacing between the pipelines. The silt-in process aids in the mat's stability. For applications in shallow water, the mat decreases the water depth only 9 in. per mat, reducing interface with navigation. As an additional service, Submar can generate computer drawings for custom applications.
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Seamless casing

Tubular Corporation of America has released a new brochure on its Seamless Oil Country Casing API, Proprietary, and Premium. The brochure includes information on the company's high collapse products, high performance products, inspection systems, and technical services. Also included are performance properties tables, and physical properties and torque values on the products. The brochure features the seamless casing lines based on pipe OD from 5 in. to 16.125 in.
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DP system

Nautronix has introduced the ASK5003 Triple Redundant Dynamic Positioning System and the TCS5001 Thruster Control System. The ASK5003 consists of a redundant ASK5002 console, a single backup ASK5001 unit, and a single TCS5001. These systems can be incorporated into a vessel's integrated bridge. This arrangement will provide all of the ship control equipment, communications equipment, monitoring equipment, and positioning equipment in integrated console suites.
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Pinnacle Oilfield Services has released information on their Pinnchrome Alloys, a versatile and economical hardbanding product solution for casing and tool joint wear problems. Pinnchrome protects the tool joint better than conventional products, drastically reduces casing wear, can be applied directly over smooth tungsten carbide, and guaranteed not to crack excessively or flake off in service. When applied to drill pipe, the product drastically reduces casing wear and produces lower coefficients of friction which potentially reduces torque and drag.
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Mixing device

Flo Trend Systems has developed the Jet Shear II continuous mixing device for plymer shearing or other chemical addition into drilling fluid. The Jet Shear II incorporates a new patent pending concept in mixing nozzles with double elliptical orifices set at an opposing angle with the mixing chamber. Each nozzle produces a stream of fluids that folds in upon itself creating moving low pressure zones and rapid mixing which enhances the mixing shearing effect resulting in a thorough mixing/blending shearing of chemical into the drilling fluid.
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Hoffer Flow Controls is introducing the Hoffer HP Series insertion turbine flowmeters designed for measuring clean liquids and gases in medium to large diameter pipes. Several versions are available including fixed, bi-directional, low pressure, and high pressure adjustable. This series is particularly suited for industrial pipeline monitoring and has a 10:1 flow turndown range. In addition, a number of process fittings may be supplied to suit the demand of various applications.
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Silicon Graphics has unveiled a dual display solution for its entry-level O2 workstation. By using a new add-in card and second monitor, users can increase their available display area allowing them to conduct a more quick and easy extensive data analysis and interact with a greater number of large 3D graphical images. This option offers users symmetric high-quality 32-bit 3D graphics and texture mapping performance on both displays. The dual monitor capability was designed for use by geoscientists.
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DSV fleet

Global Industries has released a new brochure on their DSV fleet [20,986 bytes]. The brochure includes information on each vessel's specifications, capacities, navigation equipment, berthing, propulsion, communication equipment, diving system, and auxiliary equipment. Included in the brochure is information on the Sea Lion, Sea Wolf, Sea Fox, Sea Leopard, Joe Thornton,andSea Cat. The brochure also features a color photograph and drawing of each vessel.
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Wellbore logging

Tensor has announced the availability of the company's LogView software for wellbore logging applications. This new data editing and graphical presentation application provides a flexible, inexpensive way to more fully use data being acquired by Tensor's steering tools and QDT's MWD, as well as third party systems. LogView interfaces with data acquisition applications, and presents logs in industry-standard forms - by measured depth, true vertical depth, or time. It supports several file/data export formats, which simplifies data transfer between computers and enhances communications among team members. The software runs on Windows 95 or Windows NT platforms.
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Joint venture

J. Ray McDermott and Aker Maritime have released a new brochure on their Deep Gulf Contractors joint venture. The purpose of the company is to execute deepwater marine construction projects in the US Gulf of Mexico. The brochure highlights how the company employs both dynamically positioned derrick barges and anchor handling vessels and draws from the engineering and operational expertise of McDermott and Aker. The goal of Deep Gulf Contractors is to provide superior technical and cost efficient solutions to deepwater installation projects.
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