API provides ‘dose of energy reality’ at USEA Forum

Jan. 29, 2021
Mike Sommers notes his organization’s ‘strong opposition’ to recent executive orders.

Offshore staff

WASHINGTON, DC – American Petroleum Institute (API) President and CEO Mike Sommers gave remarks during the 17th Annual State Of The Energy Industry Forum, hosted by the US Energy Association. Sommers outlined areas of common ground with President Biden while raising concerns that the new administration is on the “wrong side” of several consequential issues that will shape America’s energy future.

“We are rooting for President Biden to lead America out of crisis,” API President and CEO Mike Sommers said. “As he works toward that important goal, he faces clear choices. Energy abundance or foreign dependence. American jobs or overseas jobs. Economic revival or small-town decline. Progress or retreat. Thus far, President Biden is on the wrong side of a number of these consequential choices.”

“Moments after he took the Oath of Office, we pledged to work with his administration when we can and oppose when we must,” Sommers said. “Only eight days into his term, it is disappointing to report that we find ourselves in a posture of strong opposition. But we have no choice. … From afar, in the halls of power, it’s easy to call for bans on leasing. But up close, you see it’s a lifeline to local economies, governments and schools. …The surest way to bring recovery to a stop is to remove affordable, homegrown energy from the picture – with more regulations, more taxes, more restrictions on access.”