Schlumberger unveils latest digital advance

Schlumberger has introduced its DELFI cognitive E&P environment at the SIS Global Forum.

Offshore staff

PARISSchlumberger has introduced its DELFI cognitive E&P environment at the SIS Global Forum. 

This is designed to facilitate collaboration across E&P teams and to make full use of all available data and science to optimize E&P assets.

The DELFI environment deploys digital technologies including security, analytics and machine learning,high performance computing (HPC) and Internet of Things (IoT) to improve operational efficiency and optimize production at lower costs per barrel.

According to Schlumberger, it will provide a new way of working for asset teams by strengthening integration between geophysics, geology, reservoir engineering, drilling and production teams.

It should also allow Schlumberger’s clients and software partners to add their own intellectual property and workflows to the environment.

Ashok Belani, evp Technology, said: “With the launch of the DELFI environment, we deployed an E&P Data Lake on the Google Cloud Platform comprising more than 1,000 3D seismic surveys, five million wells, one million well logs and 400 million production records from around the world, demonstrating a step change in scalability and performance.”

In the Gulf of Mexico, Schlumberger processed high-resolution wide and full azimuth seismic data over a 100,000-sq km (38,610-sq mi) area in the DELFI environment. This enabled high-resolution depth imaging using reverse time migration and full waveform inversion technologies, speeding up the project turnaround time.

The DELFI cognitive E&P environment will also apply to software such as Petrel E&P, Techlog wellbore and Omega geophysical data processing platforms as well as PetroMod petroleum systems modelling software, INTERSECT reservoir and OLGA multiphase flow simulators.


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