CGG, Lundin address geological complexity of Nordkapp basin

June 22, 2021
Survey combines source-over-spread seismic technology with the deployment of ocean-bottom nodes.

Offshore staff

MASSY, France – Lundin Energy Norway has contracted CGG to conduct a simultaneous node and streamer 3D survey in the Barents Sea.

The survey, over a 3,700-sq km (1,428-sq mi) area of the Nordkapp basin, combines the TopSeis source-over-spread seismic technology developed by the two companies with the deployment of sparse ocean-bottom nodes.

This configuration is said to be designed to derive a high-definition image of the sedimentary basins and to accurately image numerous salt flanks in order to clarify trap mechanisms, deformation and faulting near salt-sediment interfaces. 

CGG will process the data at its Massy subsurface imaging center south of Paris applying velocity model building and depth imaging technologies such as time-lag full-waveform inversion and full-waveform inversion imaging to the velocity model.