TGS delivers offshore eastern Canada subsurface browser

July 28, 2020
TGS has completed the East Coast Canada facies map browser and play fairway analysis.

Offshore staff

HOUSTON TGS has completed the East Coast Canada facies map browser and play fairway analysis (ECC FMB & PFA).

Using data acquired in partnership with PGS, this study offers subsurface interpretation for the entire offshore East Coast Canada and is available for immediate licensing.

The ECC FMB & PFA study integrates all released exploration wells, with a vast seismic data library, to provide a comprehensive multi-client interpretation. The company said it delivers a robust regional sequence stratigraphic interpretation, facies and play fairway maps that enable E&P companies to rapidly evaluate the opportunities presented in the upcoming bid rounds.

The study underscores a promising future for exploration in the region by providing detailed insights into the key reservoir and source facies within known plays, such as the Late Jurassic, within the proven Jeanne d’Arc and Flemish Pass basins. Significant upside in the prospectivity of the Paleogene and Cretaceous, especially within the underexplored basins such as the Hopedale, Flemish, Salar and South Whale basins have also been revealed.

Delivered via the latest FMB 4.5.0 desktop browser, the study offers operators a cost-efficient interpretation tool. Coupled with the company’s well data and seismic library, it provides a valuable resource and critical insights to accelerate and enhance lease sale evaluations in the region.