Europa tracks Lower Cretaceous prospects offshore Morocco

April 15, 2020
Europa Oil and Gas has issued a progress report on its exploration activity offshore Morocco.

Offshore staff

DUBLIN, Ireland – Europa Oil & Gas has issued a progress report on its exploration activity offshore Morocco.

Last September the company secured the Inezgane license offshore Agadir. Although the surrounding basin has been lightly explored, Europa says it has identified all critical elements for a working hydrocarbon system.

Eni and other majors are exploring areas south of the license.

Europa plans to build a prospect inventory based on reprocessing and interpretation of 3D seismic and, depending on the results, potentially seek partners to share the cost of drilling a well.

The company has received the license data tapes from state oil company ONHYM and has mapped large prospects that could hold more than 250 MMbbl in the Lower Cretaceous fan sand play, which is prolific across West Africa. It has also developed some new ideas concerning the presence of reservoir and source rock presence.

To date just 10 deepwater wells have been drilled offshore Morocco, the company added, of which only three have penetrated a complete Lower Cretaceous section. Water depths in the Inezgane permit range from 600-2,000 m (1,968-6,562 ft).

Offshore western Ireland, Europa is relinquishing four licenses, three of which are in the South Porcupine basin where the main target is oil.

The company has also proposed the merger of frontier licenses FEL 3/13 and FEL 1/17 in this basin to one concession, containing the 225-MMbbl Edgeworth prospect. But if Ireland’s government rejects this request, the company would relinquish FEL 3/13 but retain FEL 1/17.

Europa’s main focus is on its acreage in the gas-prone Slyne basin off northwest Ireland, where it is seeking approval for a drilling location for the Inishkea prospect.