Decommissioned Red Hawk platform up for sale

Network International is currently offering the decommissioned Red Hawk platform in a private treaty sale.

Decommissioned Red Hawk production platform
Decommissioned Red Hawk production platform

Offshore staff

AMELIA, Louisiana – Network International is currently featuring the “Red Hawk,” a decommissioned 4,000-ton, Technip-built natural gas production platform, in a private treaty sale. The behemoth platform offers potential buyers a convenient and cost-effective opportunity for significantly accelerated production startup.

Built between 2003 and 2004, the Red Hawk facility previously operated from 2004 to 2008 in the Gulf of Mexico’s deepwater Red Hawk gas field in Garden Banks block 877 and is currently located in Allison Marine Contractors’ Amelia, Louisiana yard. With a 20-year facility-design lifespan, the platform has just four years of production under its belt.

One of the largest platforms of its kind, the Red Hawk consist of three decks, including the main (top) and production (middle) decks, both measuring 112-by-133 ft, and the spar deck, which measures 75-by-91 ft. The versatile platform is primed for expedited recertification and offers capabilities in either its current gas configuration or with possible oil-production modifications. Though once deployed in deepwater development, the platform is said to be suitable for production at any depth or location across the globe.

While in service, the Red Hawk’s production peaked at 150 MMcf/d of natural gas and can be expanded by future operators to accommodate a production capacity of up to 300 MMcf/d. Upon its 2014 decommissioning, the Red Hawk cell spar earned the distinction of being the deepest floating production unit to be retired in the Gulf of Mexico.

Hank Robard, CEO of Allison Marine, said: “The purchase of the Red Hawk could enable a buyer to move to production up to 75% faster than building a new platform from scratch and at a much lower cost. With the platform’s flexibility to configure for natural gas or oil production and varying water depths, an operator has the ability to easily make this fit their current and future needs.”


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