Rowan replaces ultra-deepwater drillship for Fieldwood contract

Rowan has transferred the Fieldwood Energy contract from the ultra-deepwater drillship Rowan Reliance to the Rowan Resolute.

Offshore staff

HOUSTON –Rowan Companies plc has reported that the previously disclosed contract with Fieldwood Energy LLC for the ultra-deepwater drillship Rowan Reliance will be transferred to the Rowan Resolute under the same contractual terms.

This contract includes a one-year, firm term plus three 90-day options.

In addition, LLOG has elected to exercise its final option on theRowan Resolute. This is expected to keep the ultra-deepwater drillship with LLOG until February 2019. 

TheRowan Resolute is expected to start operations for Fieldwood after a short contract preparation period immediately following the LLOG program. 

TheRowan Reliance will remain warm-stacked offshore Louisiana in the US Gulf of Mexico.  


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