GE, Noble to pilot data analytic-driven project

March 27, 2017
Noble Corp. plc and GE have formed a partnership to collaborate on an advanced data analytics system for offshore drilling rigs known as the Digital Rig solution.

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LONDON and PARISNoble Corp. plc and GE have formed a partnership to collaborate on an advanced data analytics system for offshore drilling rigs known as the Digital Rig solution.

The Digital Rig solution aims to improve the operational productivity of Noble’s drilling rigs. By using data analytics to make asset management more efficient, the solution will allow the drilling contractor to better manage the asset lifecycle and provide more productive drilling for customers.

The agreement calls forGE to initially deploy its latest digital asset performance management system on four Noble drilling rigs as part of a fleet pilot program. The expected efficiencies captured through the implementation of the solution target a 20% reduction in repair and maintenance expenditures across the pilot rigs.

The partnership will allow data-driven operations intelligence to provide benefits that include:

  • Enhanced drilling process efficiency – Foresight of asset anomalies and drilling process deviations to reduce operational disruptions and enhance performance consistency.
  • Shift to predictive asset management – Redefinition of maintenance strategies, with a focus on predictive asset management to achieve long-term, sustainable opex reductions across the fleet.
  • Reduction of third-party service costs – Anytime, anywhere rig visibility and insights that leverage the one-to-many impact of shore-based experts to reduce third-party service costs.

The Digital Rig solution processes operational data from critical assets using GE’s data models and advanced analytics to detect anomalies – often a sign of potential failure or performance degradation.

As the system continues to learn, the solution will be able to gauge and predict the asset’s condition in order to enable a shift from planned to predictive maintenance. Empowered by innovative software-based analysis, maintenance is exercised when there is evidence of need.

By reducing unnecessary or excessive maintenance, the partners believe the transition to predictive maintenance will create cost-savings, mitigate the risk of maintenance-induced problems, reduce downtime, and increase drilling productivity.

In addition, the new solution will provide real-time asset data to onshore personnel around the globe.

David W. Williams, chairman, president and CEO of Noble Corp. plc, said: “With shifting market dynamics, the offshore industry is on the cusp of change.Drilling contractors must seize the moment to enhance their competitive edge.

“We believe the shift to data-driven decisions will have a significant effect on drilling efficiencies. It is imperative for our industry to embrace the digital revolution to stay efficient and nimble, and Noble is leading the way. We look forward to developing our Digital Rig solution with GE.”

Tim Schweikert, president and CEO of GE’s Marine Solutions, added: “Industry-wide collaboration underpins a solid digital future. Together, we are stronger and will get there faster.”


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