Ocean Nomad heads to Blakeney

Sterling Resources has updated progress on three current wells in the UK North Sea.

Offshore staff

CALGARY, Alberta -- Sterling Resources has updated progress on three current wells in the UK North Sea.

The semisubmersible drilling rig Ocean Nomad should start work shortly on the Blakeney exploration well in central North Sea Block 21/27b, operated by Wintershall (Sterling 25%). This first well on the block will target the Upper Tay sandstone formation at an estimated depth of 3,260 ft (993 m). The Blakeney prospect is around 10 km (6.2 mi) southwest of the Sheryl discovery in block 21/23a, where Sterling holds a 35% interest.

“The structure shows great promise with a clear flat spot on the seismic, which suggests the presence of an oil-water contact,” said David Findlater, Sterling’s vice president of Exploration.

“Another discovery in the area would be very positive in unlocking the development potential of some of the smaller oil discoveries in the area such as our Sheryl field,” added John Rapach, Sterling’s COO.

Early next week, the J.W. McLean rig should arrive on location in the northern North Sea to spud a side track of the Cladhan oil discovery well in block 210/29a. First-phase delineation will involve side tracking to an up dip location in Upper Jurassic channel sands.

“With success at the first location, we are planning a further side track well targeting a down dip location to prove a deeper oil column in the structure,” said Findlater.

“Together with the first side track, this delineation work should be sufficient to consider development of the field,” he added.

Sterling holds a 39.9% operated interest in Cladhan, in partnership with Wintershall, Encore and Dyas (10%).

Elsewhere, drilling continues at the Macanta prospect in southern gas block 42/14, 13 km (8 mi) east of the main Breagh field and planned platform location, where Sterling is a partner to operator RWE Dea. Macanta’s reservoir section should be drilled in around 10 days.


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