Automatic vibratory separator

A method for automatically controlling a vibratory separator.

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United States Patent Application: 20080128334
Serial No.: 977727
Series Code: 11
Applicant: Guy McClung
Inventors: Scott; Eric Landon; (Conroe, TX) ; Smith; George Edward; (Missouri City, TX) ; Stone; Lyndon Ray; (Humble, TX) ; Padalino; Norman Frank; (Montgomery, TX) ; McDonough; Kevin Thomas; (The Woodlands, TX) ; Seyffert; Kenneth Wayne; (Houston, TX) ; Koederitz; William Leo; (Cedar Park, TX) ; Guggari; Mallapa Ishwarappa; (Cedar Park, TX) ; McClung; Guy LaMonte; (Spring, TX)
Title: Automatic vibratory separator
A method for automatically controlling a vibratory separator, the method comprising of introducing material to a vibratory separator, the vibratory separator comprising a base, a basket movably mounted on the base and for supporting screen apparatus for treating material introduced into the vibratory separator, screen apparatus supported by the basket, the material flowing onto the screen apparatus for treatment, motor apparatus connected to the basket for vibrating the basket and the screen apparatus, drive apparatus for selectively driving the motor apparatus at a selected speed so that a desired force is applied to the screen apparatus to facilitate treatment of the material, sensor apparatus connected to the vibratory separator for sensing a parameter indicative of force applied by the motor apparatus, the sensor apparatus for providing a signal corresponding to a level of said force, control apparatus for receiving signals from the sensor apparatus, for controlling the vibratory separator based on said signals, and for automatically signaling the drive apparatus to control the speed of the motor apparatus to control said force, sensing with the sensor apparatus the parameter indicative of said force and providing a signal indicative of a level of said force to the control apparatus, and with the control apparatus determining if the level of said force is acceptable and, if said level is not acceptable, changing said level to an acceptable level by signaling the drive apparatus to change the speed of the motor apparatus so that said level is acceptable.


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